ByChris Johnston, writer at
For some of you craving for a little dose of Ramsey County, your wish might have just been granted! According to Extreme Horror News, a trailer and special short film introduction, will be premiering at Scarefest in Lexington Kentucky! This highly anticipated series has been dubbed as " the next walking dead " by very few who have read the material, or is close to the project. " We really think we have something special ", says Jan Lewis. " When you see the first evidence of what we're going to do, it will already be too late ". Now whatever that means, it sounds pretty scary! Rumor has it that the series will use viral marketing to kick things off. Could this be what executive producer Jan Lewis was talking about? Could a video already exist ? Also we are expecting to hear more about casting and more about the series, as Keon Hall stops in to talk briefly about Ramsey County, and if he could take out Rick Grimes. Ramsey County is set to premiere in the summer of 2016.

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