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Doctor Stephen Strange: Marvel's Sorcerer Supreme and future addition to their MCU. Growing up I always had a fascination with magic having read the Chronicles of Narnia, The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, along with watching cartoons like He-Man and Thundercats. So when I really got into comic books I naturally found myself loving the magical characters...Dr. Fate, SHAZAM, and of course Doctor Strange.

Stephen Strange was a renowned neurosurgeon. He suffered through nemerous tragedies growing up which left help bitter and cold. After surviving a terrible accident that left him with damaged hands, he sought every medical aid he could find to fix him. Nothing worked...fearing he would never be able to operate again, he began to look into mystical aid, this led him to seek out the Ancient One. At first he was refused aid, but after witnessing an attack on the Ancient One by his apprentice, Baron Mordo, Strange became a believer in mysticism and magic. Vowing to follow all of his teachings to be able to defeat Mordo, Strange became the new apprentice to the Ancient One. Ultimately he would become the next Sorcerer Supreme and Guardian of Earth's dimension from all mystical foes.

Who doesn't love a magic trick?
Who doesn't love a magic trick?

So...Marvel has planned a little movie for the ole Sorcerer himself. They even have quite the cast lined up at the moment as well. Benedict Cumberbatch as Stephen Strange, Chiwetel Ejiofor as Baron Mordo, and Tilda Swinton as the Ancient One, which I find to be quite inspired casting. Additionally Rachel McAdams is rumored to be playing the female lead, which most people think would be Strange's primary love interest Clea.

I believe that is a fantastic lineup so far. Along with a cast to ensure people's interest in this lesser known character, they have rising horror star Scott Derrickson in place as director. With The Exorcism of Emily Rose, Sinister, and Deliver Us From Evil under his belt, Derrickson knows how to get inside people's heads. I have seen all three, and while not necessarily loved by critics, all three films were successful at the box office. His interest in the supernatural and at times mystical has already worked well for him in the past. He has a great vision for making the darker, creepier side of things really pop. I thoroughly enjoy his work. So when he was announced as the director for Doctor Strange I definitely got excited. Between the casting so far, and Derrickson directing it, I have rather high hopes for this movie.

Having a director with a horror background actually is a great thing for this film. Until now, Marvel has kept their MCU fairly light. It has had its darker moments, but in general it keeps things lighter. Well, Doctor Strange isn't light. He fights against all manner of demons, evil entities, dark magic, and many other dimensional foes that would scare the pants of a normal person. Disney has not been afraid to show the darker side of things every now and then, but this movie offers them, along with Marvel, the chance to really break out of that shell, to take things to a whole new place. I for one hope they take that chance.

Not the biggest fan of the hairdo. Animated Film 07
Not the biggest fan of the hairdo. Animated Film 07

Strange is currently a part of their animated TV-verse. While I'm not the biggest fan of his mild emo-esque appearance, I like Jack Coleman (HRG from Heroes) voicing him.

Johnny Depp would have been the go to for this look
Johnny Depp would have been the go to for this look

Marvel has already name-dropped Strange in Winter Soldier, so we know that he is already established to some small degree in the MCU. With the series being aimed at a unique, MCU version of The Defenders, and Doctor Strange having been an original Defender in the comics, there is even room there for a crossover of some sort. And I believe they even said this movie wasn't going to be just another origin story. Also, they have said that Mordo isn't supposed to simply be the villain. So what could this mean?

Well the obvious answer here is that Doctor Strange will of course bring MAGIC to the MCU. With Thor we have already seen some semblance of the more mystical side of things. Along with what he talks about and shows to be Asgardian "science" there was the introduction of the Nine Realms. But now, with Strange coming in, we have true magic and mysticism. We have things like astral projection and entirely other dimensions. This opens up so many more avenues for Marvel to do things with their characters and plotlines. So many more heroes and villains to incorporate if they wish. Iron Fist, who will be joining the Netflix series of shows, is another Marvel character coming with a mystical background. In the comics Iron Fist and Strange are even quite good friends.

Magic changes things; it is unpredictable and it is generally unexplainable. That is why I think it will make the MCU even better. This all is, after all, a comic book based universe. This isn't to say that I think magic makes EVERYTHING better. In this case, however, I think it does. For me magic has always been a part of the Marvel universe that I grew up loving.

Love it or hate it, tell me what you think down below....I accept all forms of feedback.


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