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In all honesty The Last of Us ended perfectly. It didn't end with the cliffhangers that many games do. With that said it would be entirely possible for The Last Of Us to stand by itself. Personally I am not a fan of that option, but I could understand and respect that decision. I do not think Naughty Dog to make a sequel unless it is equally as compelling as its predecessor. Here is what I want from The Last of Us 2.


I don't want The Last Of Us 2 to be just another sequel that was made just for the sake of having a sequel. If that was done I feel it would destroy the game. I mean just look at the Call Of Duty franchise. The Last Of Us 2 should not happen unless Neil Druckmann can tell an equally riveting story; A difficult feat to say the least. One thing that I loved about The Last Of Us was it's ability to instill heartbreak, right from the get go. So much so that it brought many a man to tears. That's one element I believe should be present in The Last Of Us 2. Unfortunately that might mean that we lose Joel. I know personally that would bring me to a mental break down, but that's why The Last Of Us is so great. It takes some of us more "Manly" men breaks us down, and forces us to feel something. There's one more thing I want from the story of The Last Of Us 2. I'm sure any hardcore fan of The Last Of Us has seen the One Night Live performance and know right at the end they turned off the camera for a secret portion never to be seen again. I want the opening of The Last Of Us 2 to be that secret portion. Why else would Naughty Dog keep that secret if they didn't have greater plans for it?


My only complaint about The Last Of Us gameplay is that the AI was complete and utterly stupid. They never notice Ellie walking right and front of them and you could practically run straight at them and they wouldn't notice. Fortunately the cinematics made it entirely possible to look over these seemingly small problems. I want more intelligent Artificial Intelligence plain and simple.


The Last Of Us Factions was amazing I have personally accounted almost 300 hours. Although upon release to me it seemed like an afterthought. I don't think Naughty Dog really expected factions to be as popular as it is. They just added for the sake of having a multiplayer. Luckily they fixed all that when they released The Last Of Us Remastered. Sorry PS3 Users. Here's what I want from The Last Of Us 2. Factions.


Without a doubt bricks are the thing I want most from The Last Of Us 2 Factions. They were my favorite weapon in single player and they deserve their place in Factions. There's something so satisfying about killing someone or something with a brick. It's unlike anything else. Not to mention they would be powerful tools for tricking the enemy to thinking you're in a different location. Just imagine it throwing a brick and having that little red blip show up. The thought is a good one.


I don't think I'm the only one in this boat. You would think that a game with a focus set on infected would have an Infected mode. I think there should be two types of infected the average run of the mill endless waves of infected, and team deathmatch with infected. For the team deathmatch mode I think we should bring elements from Left Behind into the equation. It would be very effective and would force Naughty Dog to add bricks and bottles to multiplayer. In Left Behind Ellie gets the opportunity to use Infected as a weapon. Simply by throwing a brick in the enemies general direction. Just imagine the possibilities, the competitive edge it would add the game. To not only have to worry about the enemy team but infected also. This would be monumental. At times it might even change focus from opposing teams trying to kill each to working together to wipe out a horde of infected. The possibilities are endless.


Just my thoughts and opinions. Do You Agree?


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