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By now I’m sure we’ve all seen the [Suicide Squad](tag:2283363) trailer at least a million times. I know I have at least. Along with that I’m sure we’ve seen the [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) trailer another million times. So, with the birth of this cinematic universe, many people are focusing (understandably so) on BVS. A lot of people have speculated as to what comics are being adapted for BVS as well as the solo Batman movie. However, I feel like people might not know as much about Suicide Squad, therefore, I decided to provide some background on this deadly squad. Here are my top 3 Suicide Squad story-lines to be adapted for the Suicide Squad film(s)! Gear up, and let’s move out!

3. Trial by Fire

Trial by Fire focuses on the formation of the team itself by Amanda Waller. This series follows the team as they are tasked with missions given to them by the government. However, what makes this series so great, is we get to delve into the characters more. Up until this point, villains were nothing more than one note characters who just tried to kill our heroes. This story helps give each character depth as well as an expanded background on their motivations. As we see in the Suicide Squad trailer, we will be getting a bit of background for some characters, but it’d be nice to see the backgrounds of each character explored. This story will help remind us that although these people are villains, they are still people with feelings and motivations.

2. Assault on Arkham

This DC animated film is actually one of my favorite animated films from DC, which is saying quite a lot considering how well done their animated universe is. What makes this story so interesting is the team dynamic and brotherhood that is formed between these unlikely allies. We see romance among these villains and a bit of heroics. What’s important is that the heroics displayed are heroics based out of selfishness. This is important because it allows us to cheer for these characters, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that they are villains. For instance, when King Shark saves Killer Frost, and yet she is unable to save him when the bombs in their heads go off, it is completely based off the romance that they developed. It’s not because they care about saving lives, they only care about saving their own lives so that they can be together. Even though that is a sweet gesture, it is still selfish. They are not caring about the mission or the implications of their actions on a greater scheme, but simply trying to survive their current situations. Using the Joker as a villain is also a great way to help introduce him, as well as get a taste of what he is really capable of. Another character that Assault on Arkham was able to seamlessly introduce was Batman. Now, from the Suicide Squad trailer, we know both Batman and Joker will be in the movie, but it’d be nice for each character to be utilized in similar ways to the animated film. Finally, this film shows us a great Deadshot. He is a leader, and troubled man who struggles with what he has to do, while knowing that killing will keep him from seeing his daughter.

1. Forever Evil

Forever Evil is a story-line that follows the New 52 team as they are tasked with tracking down and retrieving the OMAC weapon. This story is a great way to see each of their talents realized as well as see how they function as a team in the field. There is also many scenes that take place in Belle Reve, as well as some back-stabbing. This story shows that they can work together, but at the end of the day they will still sell their services to the highest bidder, or to serve their own agendas. This story also helps showcase Amanda Waller as not only their commander, but also an operative as she is forced to see some action when some villains try killing her and some on the squad. I think this story-line has the most potential, because it gives the squad a great connection to the larger DCEU, as well as giving us very clear pictures as to who these people are and how they think.

Well there you have it. Please be sure to let me know what you all thought about my choices, and let me know if there are any other Suicide Squad story-lines that you’d like to see adapted for the big screen. Thanks for reading, and as always be sure to follow me on Twitter @HaneyCasey and on



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