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This story are so old, we forget that Lugh once ruled our world. The language we use and the way we think all have prehistoric roots. His grandfather Balor, tried to kill him. His father Cian, saved him. He grew up to defeat his grandfather, restore life on the Earth and rule the Heavens. Unbelievable, may be. That is why I wrote the original book Mihte's Quest, based on on the writings of the druids. If you examine at the Norman-Welsh story of King Arthur all the elements are rearranged.

Lugh rides a horse called Embarr and has two weapons a spear called Assal and a sword with the familiar name Excalibur. He also has stone called the Stone of Destiny and a cornucopia some times a sow at other times a milking cow.

Quest for Mihte Lugh is about three abandoned kids who escape the authorities only to be sucked into the Celtic Underworld. They escape captivity and end up in front of the Oracle who sets them on the most unusual and strange quest to find seven pearls and free the princess. The tale is packed with scary fairies, monsters, battles, and the evil Balor out to rule all.


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