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Suicide Squad is possibly more hyped up than Batman vs Superman at the moment. Most likely because of peoples interest in seeing how Jared Leto portrays The Joker, or maybe its the unique and original idea of having the movie star and be all about the "bad guys". The film has no official rating yet, but I am predicting (and hoping) that it is going to be rated "R".

I think that it would benefit the movie and the audiences if the movie is rated "R". It would not be DC's first rated "R" movie, both V For Vendetta and Watchmen were rated "R". We also know that Warner Bros. would be on board for this idea considering that the have released major blockbusters in recent time that were rated "R", such as the new [Mad Max: Fury Road](tag:41445). With an "R" rating the film can delve deep into the dark, twisted, insane world of these villains without any restrictions. I'm not saying having it a hardcore "R" but more like Watchmen where we can see some intense bloody fighting sequences. It would be great to have the story touch on some dark subject matter to further develop the characters, showing how much The Joker traumatized Harley and how psychotic he really is. From the trailer we do get a VERY dark and serious tone, almost creepy and scary at some times.

The one thing that almost makes me certain that the film will be rated "R" is the fact that the director, David Ayer, ALL 5 of the films he directed are rated "R". So, if he decides to make Suicide Squad a "PG" movie, it will be his first. I don't believe he is going to break his trend. Ayer is the type that he loves his movies bloody and intense.

What do you think? "R" or "PG-13"?


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