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1) I really think they should have aired Ant-man before Age of Ultron, while being true to the comics by having Hank Pym create him. It would have allowed the Avengers to to focus on one main villain from the get-go rather than having the Avengers fight Hydra, their hubris and each other. As it stands, one of the Avengers best villains in the comics was created and destroyed within 3 days within the MCU. Having Tony build Ultron just makes Stark unlikeable rather than Hank Pym (and honestly, anyone who has ever read a comic knows Janet is the only good thing about Hank/Ant-man). 2) Hulk and Hulk/Widow romance: Haven't we already been here with the 2008 MCU Ed Norton Hulk? It was completely unneeded and it was a step backwards in both Bruce Banner and Natasha Romanoff's development. We have seen Banner come to terms with the Hulk and seen him be able to control that part of him. Watching him revert back to hiding instead of speaking as Hulk is disappointing. Also, Betty Ross and Natasha Romanoff are two very different characters, and they really altered her personality in order for Natasha to fill in for Betty Ross. I agree, the relationship came out of nowhere and it constantly needed the other characters to validate it (Steve, Tony, Laura Barton, and Fury). If they wanted to put Natasha in a relationship, two of her most popular boyfriends in the Earth-616 comics entered the MCU: Matt Murdock (Daredevil) and Bucky Barnes (Winter Soldier). If they didn't want to go with the mainstream comics, Steve Rogers would have made more sense given the fact Cap 2 allowed their relationship to progress slowly. 3) Despite hating the Ultimates comics, I liked Barton's family. It was out of left field. I would rather have seen a Matt Fraction Hawkeye. I understand that Joss did it to ensure Nat and Clint's relationship remained platonic, but I wished he would have done this by putting him in a relationship with Jessica Drew (Spider-woman) or Karla Sofen (Moonstone) (I prefer Clint with Bobbi Morse, but Agents of Shield has her with Lance Hunter). These are all comic compliant relationships that could have had so much more potential in the long run. 4) The Steve/Tony banter: totally agree. The thing that made Marvel Civil War so emotional and great is that it was best friends, family members or lovers fighting on opposite sides. Seeing Richard and Sue Reed end up on opposite sides. Steve and Tony have been fighting in each film they have appeared together in. I'm afraid CA:CW will lack the emotional punch because it will feel more like two colleagues that have never gotten along fully finally come to a fight instead of two friends who valued each other clashing over two different viewpoints. 5) I agree, Quicksilver's death was pointless. After it was announced that Jeremy Renner would appear in Civil War, it was obvious Pietro would be the one to bite the bullet. The only thing I disagree with is Scarlet Witch's visions. I thought it was a great tool to showcase the Avengers fears and past. I think Thor's vision could have been tighter. I think that if Clint underwent the vision we could have seen his abusive father or his time as a thief, which would have been more interesting than a family, imho.

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