ByNathan Perdomo, writer at
Nathan Perdomo

Did anybody hit the theaters and watch Ant-Man this weekend? From beginning to end there were obvious crossovers in this particular Marvel film. (SPOILER ALERT) The opening scene involves a heavy argument between Doctor Pym-played by actor, Michael Douglas-and Iron man's father, Howard Stark. It seems as if when ever there is a disagreement between scientists, the subject tends to fall on a "project" that can definitely effect mankind in the future, if it is taken under care into the wrong hands. Unexpectedly, but also satisfying, was the infiltration scene at the Avengers warehouse facility, where Ant-man fought toe to toe with the Falcon. There was a subtle reference within the dialogue I'm not too sure the audience grasped clearly. Doctor Pym was informing Ant-Man that when his wife sacrificed her life on a mission as the original Wasp. It was theorized that she possibly entered a dimension where space, time, and reality became altered. I believe the writer or director was trying to hint towards the Infinity Stones. Comic book readers and Marvel film viewers have seen the introduction of the gems individually in there solo superhero movies. We also know that three of the infinity stones are labeled as the space gem, the time gem, the reality gem, and three more. As for the post credit scenes......they leave us hanging with great anticipation. The first clip revealed the dawning of Wasp as Doctor Pym unlocked a secret chamber where a sliding door unveiled a kick ass suit. It is no doubt that she will be joining the famous earth's mightiest heroes. The second clip is an actual scene used from the soon to come, Captain America: Civil War. The scene includes the Falcon, Captain America, and the Winter Soldier. Now it appears as if the Winter Soldier has been captured by Captain Steve Rodgers in a safe house, and we see how the Falcon approaches the Cap. asking his approval of recruiting another member. When he asks who, the Falcon simply replies; " I know a guy." It appears that Ant-Man will be making an appearance in the Civil War chapter of the Marvel universe.


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