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It's a tough job adapting someone else's work, especially when it comes to George R.R. Martin's epic "A Song Of Ice And Fire" saga. While there's no doubt that showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss have outdone themselves (for the most part) with translating Martin's novels to television, book readers still have one or two things to complain about. Here's a list of some of the most beloved book characters, that we would love to see on the show. WARNING! POTENTIAL SPOILERS AHEAD!

10. Lady Stoneheart

After the brutal events of The Red Wedding, many book readers were still hopeful to see some more of Catelyn Stark on the show given her fate in the books. Her body is found by the Brotherhood Without Banners and resurrected with some Red God magic. Her storyline is apparently not that significant since it was cut from the show altogether. There's pretty much no chance of seeing Lady Stoneheart anytime soon, so we might as well get over it. But let's be honest: who wouldn't have loved to see a vengeful, zombified Catelyn Stark?

9. Strong Belwas

Another great character without any big significance to the story, Strong Belwas is basically a super big and strong guy, who fights and eats a lot. Although not that important plot-wise, he would've provided a much needed comic relief to the otherwise depressive last season.

8. Jon Connington

The badass former Hand of The Mad King, who didn't have the balls to burn down a small city in order to kill Robert Baratheon during the rebellion and subsequently got exiled. He's currently accompanying a very curious (possible) contender for the Iron Throne. It's highly unlikely that we'd be seeing him on the show, since his storyline was partially transferred to Jorah Mormont.

7. Aegon Targaryen / Young Griff

It's unclear whether he's really who he says he is, or just a puppet in someone's plans to usurp the Throne. Regardless, he and Connington make a pretty cool duo and he would have been a darn good character, bringing even more intrigue to the story. Theoretically his claim is bigger than that of Daenerys, as he's Rhaegar's son and... you know, the blood of the dragon.

6. Coldhands

Yep, that's right, he's most definitely a white walker and he most definitely helped Sam, Gilly and Bran & co on their adventures beyond the Wall. There's not much we know about him, besides the speculation that he might be Benjen Stark. Sadly, we'll probably never see him on the show as his storyline was done without him.

5. Victarion Greyjoy

Unlike the other characters so far, there's still hope of seeing Victarion on screen. Now, there's too much badassness about this guy to fit it in just a few sentences, so let's just name a couple of reasons why he rocks: he's regarded as one of the most brutal warriors in the Seven Kingdoms, is on his way to Daenerys, planning to take her as his wife (good luck, buddy) and he's got a red priest named Moqorro on his side.

4. Euron Greyjoy

He HAS to show up at some point in the upcoming seasons. He really, really HAS to. Why? His ship is named Silence, because of the crew of mutes, whose tongues he ripped out to prevent them from speaking; has come across a dragon's egg, but tossed it into the sea, because he was in a bad mood; has a dragon horn, that can potentially control Daenerys' dragons, also plans to marry Daenerys. Nuff said.

3. Arianne Martell

You know how the Dorne storyline is sort of annoying? It wouldn't have been with Arianne on the show. Her role is basically split between the Sand Snakes and Elaria Sand with the coolest parts cut out, of course... Arianne could have been the hottest, most manipulative, badass female character EVER. Shame!

2. Howland Reed

One of Ned Stark's closest friends (and he's still alive by the way, so there's a chance of seeing him somewhere towards the end). He's the only living person who witnessed the events of the Tower of Joy. It doesn't have to be a big role. Just a brief appearance in which he explains what the hell happened back there. PLEASE...

1. Rhaegar Targaryen

Possibly the most important character in the series, possibly tightly connected to all Azor Ahai stuff, mysteriously kidnapped Lyanna Stark, was very big on prophecies and was probably one of the few people who got some sort of an idea about the whole Red God vs The Other God-thing. Overall Rhaegar is the coolest guy ever and naturally he was dead long before the events in the first book. We still might see him on screen through flashbacks, which actually is not that unlikely given recent news about season 6' filming location. A man can only hope.

Agree with this list? Is there someone else you would like to see on the show? Leave a comment bellow!


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