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Well then, as some of you may or may not know (makes little difference) I was, or should I say am, quite displeased with how Harley Quinn will be portrayed in David Ayer’s Suicide Flop, oops, I mean Squad... my mistake. Or is it..?

Anyway, seeing as this is a character I’ve literally loved since I was about 5, seriously by age 6 my ultimate life goal was to be married to both her and Poison Ivy, I ain’t even kidding! So when I saw the atrocious abomination that is they were calling Harley Quinn, I couldn’t believe it, who would do such a thing?! Who would take a classy, sophisticated, psycho-babe with mega Stockholm syndrome, my beloved Harley Quinn and turn her into Ghetto-Banger Barbie, for Christ sake?! WHY?! How could you..!


Yes YOU! So, being that I’ve spent my whole life thus far dreaming of one day seeing Ms. Quinn in her silver screen debut, you can’t imagine how devastated I am to say that I will not be having any part of this movie, due to this and the additional disappointment that is Jared Leto’s Joker.

"I want Heath Ledger back, really, Really Bad..!"
"I want Heath Ledger back, really, Really Bad..!"

We all do J.. We all do... Now here’s a list (which I’ve been thinking on for about 10+ years at this point) of actresses who would more than likely do the character Justice... And here they are in no specific order (except final 5-3, which are my top picks), as usual I take no credit for the images, I’ve only taken pictures from Google and edited some slightly. Enjoy!

10. (The late) Brittany Murphy

Now, I know she's not a possibility being as she sadly passed away in 2009, which is a real shame because if the fans had got there way back in 2010 when we were all hoping the 3rd installment in The Dark Knight would involve Harley in some way, possibly in kahootz with Eddie the Enigma..? Who knows, but it would've been greater still if Ms. Murphy were able to participate.

She proved herself quite a worthy actress (despite all the shitty chick flicks) and left a number of excellent performances in her wake, often playing very damaged characters (see: Spun, 8 Mile, Sin City) and she did it damn well..!

9. Alexis Bledel

Brit Murphy's Sin City co-star would also make a great choice, and she current would stand a better chance, being as she's still breathing... I haven't seen a lot of her work but she has me convinced she can perform adequately (though I've never seen her play character with psychosis of any kind that I can recall) and would play the shy side of Harleen Quinzel perfectly. This role would give her room to expand her present ability and let loose, I think she'd be grouse, she has a great sense of humour and she's simply gorgeous!

8. Allison Mack

Some of you will recognize this girl as the original Felicity Smoak back from those god ol' Smallville days of yore... But for the less geeky, Ms. Mack was essentially Clark Kent's reason for becoming a journalist and his best high school gal pal on Smallville. And in the shows 10/11 year run I believe she more than proved herself worthy, she's also stayed quite loyal to DC I'm assuming, she was the voice of Power Girl in Superman/Batman: Public Enemies in 2009...

7. Sarah Chalke

Ok, so I'm going to get a lot of shit for this one, i can just feel it. If you haven't turned on me already, this is probably where you'll quit, but bare with me and I'll explain my reasoning. When Harley Quinn meet Mr. J in Arkham she was shy, quiet, and nervous, remind you of anyone? Paging Dr. Reid! She could and would pull off the reserved side of Harleen before being seduced by Joker's charms and becoming his crazy ass, piece of arm candy, which she would also nail without a doubt, I mean, have you ever seen Scrubs? C'mon!

The doctor is in!
The doctor is in!

6. Mena Suvari

We should all remember this American Beauty pretty darn well, she was the first chick I ever heard say the word 'cunt' and I grew up in Australia..! Believe me, that's weird. But you know what wouldn't be weird? This lady as the Clowned Queen of Gotham..! Think about some of the mischievous and sociopathic types of roles she's had over the past 10 years or more and you'll know I'm right.

Plus she certainly has the hips for it, more than Margot can say for herself, Gal Gadot has more meat on her bones..! :p (BTW that's not Margot's actual arse above... Just FYI)

5. Kristen Bell

Bet you thought this one would make top 3? Yeah, well it was a pretty tough choice so i decided in had to at least make top 5. Probably the most popular fan-casting, there are so many fan-made art works of what Kristen would look like as Harls and I have to agree, its fucking good! She has he right acting style and personality to make it work extraordinarily..!

I take no credit for any of these.
I take no credit for any of these.

I guess I should clarify, this isn't to do with other people opinions, I just know from her body of work (Heroes, Fan-boys, Frozen, etc) that's she's a talented and kinda geeky chick would would take a role like this and never Let It Go...

4. Brea Grant

Needless to say, this all-but unknown beauty has yet to break big, which if you ask me is long overdue since her heart-tugging performance as Daphne Millbrook in Heroes 3rd season. If you don't remember smart-arse-ish and lovable speedster, Daphne you need to go back and recap! She was quite moving especially after the second eclipse, I won't spoil it for people who haven't seen it, but she was good, and this lands her 4th place on the list, for me.

Apologies for the Harley comparison, it's clearly Chole Grace Mortez, who while I did want to put on the list, I didn't because I reckon she'd be better off with Marvel, just in my opinion... But you should get the idea for Brea from this.

3. Juno Temple

At age 25 Juno Temple already has a great list of film roles behind her, from Horns to Sin City to The Dark Knight Rises (I have to say when first I saw her on screen in that I really got my hopes up for some possible Harley Quinn Easter-eggs, but no such luck...) she's making quite name for herself and I think Harley was meant to be her, but it never got to happen.. It's not to late... Who else votes we get rid of Robbie and just re-shoot her scenes with Juno? Anyone? :D

2. Sarah Michelle Gellar

Of course we all know this angelic babe, most of you will know her as Buffy, but for me personally she'll always be Daphne from the Scooby Doo Movie. And really, again her work speaks for itself, she can be goofy cute and deathly serious, kick your face in and back again in seconds, all the perfect qualities that make Harley Quinn such an awesome characters, Sarah Michelle would just totally embody that shit! You're argument is not relevant...

1. Amy Smart

And last but most definitely not least, my personal favourite pick is Amy Smart..! Ever since I first saw the Arkham game series Harley I've wanted this to be..! She's got it all, sexy, funny, smart (not only in name) and a goddamn great actress, if you don't think so you haven't seen The Butterfly Effect (where even Ashton Kutcher was a capable actor, once...), she was a psycho Ex-girlfriend in Rat Race, got her arse shagged in public in Crank and again if you saw her in Scrubs, should know she is no stranger to playing the odds, I think she's more than qualified to fill the red and black skin-tights of Harley Quinn..!

Spiting image! Looks exactly like her. And that is that. There's a list of actresses who not only would've been more adequate at playing the role, but also some far more deserving of a character with so much riding on it, i.e the *ahem* success.. of Suicide Squat... Snot..! Squad! I'm sorry, I do apologize... :p

Alright, I'm prepared for all the hate so bring it, if you have your own opinions, bully for you, surprise surprise, so have at it. Hope you agreed with at least some of the choices, if not, well not my problem. Leave comments, tell me what you think and yeah.. Cheers guys, be excellent to each other and peace..!


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