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I'm usually anti reality TV, but I do love a good mockumentary. There are actually a handful of great mockumentaries that I enjoy like Burning Love, Reno 911, and The Comeback, but my favorite right now is Comedy' Central's Review.

Review is a American remake of the Australian mockumentary show entitled Review with Myles Barlow. The show is about professional everyday critic Forrest McNeil. He doesn't review movies, music, or books instead he reviews everyday life occurrences. People write in and suggest life experiences that he should review. No matter what they suggest, he'll review it. Due to Forrest being, a bit too committed to his work, things don't always go as they should. Bellow are some of my favorite reviews from season one.

Review returns for its second season on Comedy Central July 30th

Forrest tries cocaine

Forrest tries racism

Forrest tries to make a sex tape

Forrest tries divorce

Forrest tries road rage

Forrest tries an orgy

Forrest tries to eat 15 pancakes

Season Two Trailer


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