ByAmora Selene, writer at

My one and only reason for wanting Xena back is because she is THE perfect role model for girls. She's strong, intelligent and proof that girls/women can do ANYTHING men can do (often times better than lol)! I watched Xena growing up and she was my go to role model. Sexy, powerful and her own person. She is the epitomy of the duality of human beings. She dispatches bullies and war mongers no problem, while also showing her softer and forgiving side to those deserving. A true friend through and through. The whole show really is absolutely amazing and something that is just missing in television today. The crap on tv now, today I can't even stand to watch it, it's all about sex, drugs and or intrigue. There's no lessons anymore there's no sense of....responsibility anymore. It's all about the green backs and what's gonna sell the most. Who cares if it warps or corrupts the youth of today. If Xena makes a comeback you better believe I'm getting cable again just so I can watch!!! ^_^


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