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(Warning, spoilers ahead)

So, several toy products feature an Ant Man in a never before seen black suit. Funko, Hot Toys, and Lego include this Ant Man suit and either call it Hank Pym or Blackout Ant Man.

If you have seen the film, then you know that this suit is absolutely not in the movie. I never doubted the toy line before I saw the movie because I figured that it would play some role in Ant Man, but by the end of the movie I was thoroughly confused. Three popular toy lines have done it for seemingly no reason at all. That made me begin to wonder if this was Hank Pym's original suit. After reviewing the scene that includes the Wasp and him on the missile I concluded that the suit he wears in the past is the same suit given to Scott Lang. The old suit had a silver helmet, which is not what we see here. The strange thing about it is that they all versions of the Blackout suit are replicated designs, and are identical. As far as I know, we still do not know the origin of the Blackout suit (Hank Pym).


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