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Earlier this week some images from the upcoming superhero flick [X-Men: Apocalypse](tag:1194267) were revealed. Many comic book fans, including myself, are not happy with Apocalypse aesthetically. Since his reveal, he has been compared to Ivan Ooze from the Power Rangers series.

One major flaw of the new design is that it fails to have the iconic Apocalypse blue lips that we see in the comics. On further inspection I found that there is hope for his lips to return. Some of you may think I am a little weird for wanting these blue lips so badly. Trust me, they make the overall design much more appealing and closer to comic books. Check out this photoshop...

Looks awesome right? When I took a closer look on one of the official Apocalypse images released by Entertainment Weekly I found a vane starts at the edge of the helmet thing he wears and leads right to his lips.

It's a little hard to see but it's pretty clear if you are looking at the magazine it's featured in. If we compare Apocalypse to humans, his blood will pump faster in times of excitement. During these times of excitement, the vanes would expand and create the smurf lips we desire. The most likely time this would happen would be in the final battle so here's hoping. Another likely theory that could change the overall design completely, is if he acquires Celestial technology like he does in the comics. My theory is that during the final battle, he'll unleash his full power when fighting the X-Men and become the huge, bulky, blue lipped Apocalypse we have come to love.


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