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It comes as a surprise that we'll see the release of a film based on the YouTube comedy duo "Smosh," since no one expected this to happen. Then again this may have been inevitable. This will probably be another comedy movie with over the top humor and running gags that might get a laugh or two out of the audience. Given the formula used for most comedy films Smosh is going to have to standout in some way or risk being labeled as unoriginal and bland. This film will either be torn apart by critics or praised and exulted as a cult classic for many years to come.

Here's the plot Synopsis:

An embarrassing video of Anthony surfaces online right before his fifth high school reunion. The Smosh dudes then race to pull down the clip before it blows Anthony's chances of reconnecting with his teen crush Anna.

The plot for this film sounds like the plot of another film (that shall not be named) that came out in 2014 when you exclude the Smosh part and the girl crush plot device.

It's easy to shoot this film down but it actually has a lot going for it. Smosh is based on a very popular comedy duo that gained popularity on youtube. Ian Hencox and Anthony Padilla are even starring in the film as themselves along with a number of other members which is a bonus for fans. Smosh already has some wind in its sails since it has a built in fan-base which means the box office for this film will depend on Smosh fans coming out in huge numbers to watch it.

Smosh seems like your basic comedy film that won't be able to surprise you no matter how many pop-culture references they make but it will be fun to watch them try. This seems like a film that a number of people will enjoy depending on their sense of humor or if they are just a die-hard Smosh fan who has a shrine hidden in their closet. It's best to consider this film trolling on a cinematic scale so you would only go see this film if you want to be trolled for about an hour or so.


Smosh is in theaters on July 24, 2015


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