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I have been wondering ever since I've seen Ant-Man, who is on Cap's team and who is on Stark's team in [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409)? (Spoilers Ahead!)

Captain America's Team

First is most likely...


Falcon and Cap have become pretty good allies and friends since Captain America: The Winter Soldier so I would be surprised if Sam were to betray Cap.


After his battle with Falcon, he has earned a bit of "trust" from Falcon because in Ant-Man's after-credits scene, long story short, Cap and Falcon find Bucky, they need Stark but can't get his help because they are already on opposite sides for some unexplained reason, so Falcon says to Cap "I know a guy..." referencing Ant-man. So it's probably safe to assume Ant-Man is on Cap's team.

Bucky/Winter Soldier

Cap is Cap. Bucky is Bucky. It's obvious.

Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver both volunteered to be human test subjects for Hydra, but do you know why? Because they wanted revenge on Stark. They were trapped under a bed for days terrified to move because a bomb, that could have gone off at any moment sat right in front of their face. And who's name was labeled on it? Stark.


If Spider-Man's part in Civil War is anything like his comic part, he will start on Stark's team, but end up on Cap's.

Red Hulk

It hasn't been confirmed that Red Hulk is going to appear yet, but General Thunderbolt Ross has been confirmed. And with a missing Green Hulk, the divided Avengers are going to need some muscle.

Stark's Team

War Machine

Rhodey will probably be on Stark's team just for the same reason as Falcon will be on Cap's.

Black Widow

Black Widow is the Ultimate Spy. She may seem like she's on Cap's side, But you never know what will happen...

The Vision

Vision has the same A.I as Jarvis, he pretty much is Human Jarvis. So since Jarvis has been Stark's own personal butler his whole existence... You can't be for sure.

Iron Spider

Once again, If his Civil War origins are the same as the comics, he will start on Stark's team, get the Iron Spider Suit, and move to Cap's side.


These heroes are not confirmed to be on any side, or even be in Civil War at all. But I am going try and guess where they will be placed


The mid-credits scene confirmed that Hope Van Dyne will become Wasp. It doesn't confirm when it will happen because Hank Pym and Hope still need to work on the suit. But Wasp will most likely be on Cap's side because Hope and Scott are now in a relationship.

The Defenders

Only 3 of The Defenders will have been on Netflix by the time Civil War is out, and only 2 shows will be out. But I am going to assume they will all be on Cap's team if they are even featured in Cap's 3rd movie.

The Hulk

Hulk would most likely be on Stark's side if he is in Civil War because Stark needs some muscle to combat Red Hulk.


If Thor was to come back from Asgard, he would be on Iron Man's team because everyone already knows his name, but he could be on Cap's side because he is not the fondest of Tony.


I am going to keep it short because i'm sick of writing. Stark's Team. Super Spies are unpredictable.

I hope you guys agree with my choices and if you don't, let me know!

Captain America: Civil War comes to theaters May 6, 2016


Do you agree or not?


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