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Fan Casting for remakes only involves living actors and actresses. For ultimate remakes they can include anybody -- past, present, living or dead.

Digital illustrator Joe Phillips, who created this wonderful series of 12 posters of Classic Era stars and starlets as popular superheroes, has me convinced that Clark Gable in his prime would have been a better Iron Man than Robert Downey Jr., Lucille Ball would have aced the role of Scarlet Witch, and James Cagney would have been the ultimate Incredible Hulk.

Elizabeth Taylor would have made a mesmerizing Wonder Woman because she was the ultimate woman of her age. Marilyn Monroe would have been every boy's wet dream for Power Girl.

As much as I like Christopher Reeves' Superman, after seeing Gregory Peck with an S on his chest, I know he would have been stupendous as the Man of Steel. Change his alter-ego to Atticus Finch, add Roalind Russell as Lois Lane and you can just take my money. To make the fan casting even more fantastic, toss in chrome dome Yul Brynner as Lex Luthor.

Cary Grant would have made a damn good Dark Knight. Even though a young Mickey Rooney would have been fine as Robin, I can see him getting a shade annoying after 20 minutes of golly gee enthusiasm. Pair Rooney with a youthful Judy Garland (as a young Wonder Woman) and I can sit through any number of Teen Titan serials.

Other spot-on casting choices would be Buster Crabbe as Aquaman, Danny Kaye and Shirley Maclaine as the Joker and Harley Quinn, Humphrey Bogart as Hellboy, and William Powell as Doctor Strange.

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Iron Man


Joker's Wild

Power Girl


Wonder Woman

The Batman


Dr. Strange

The Hulk

Teen Titans

Vision of the Witch

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