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Now that season 5 of Game of Throneshas passed and we have long way to go until next season, let's take a break to think about some of the most underrated supporting characters in this epic series.

These characters have been the authors of key moments throughout the series, yet they don't get all the credit and attention they deserve, which is why I've decided to take a closer look at them (I also wanted to avoid more Jon Snow revival theories)

5. Sandor "The Hound" Clegane

What are you looking at?
What are you looking at?

At the start of the series, this formidable warrior is under King Joffrey's service, acting as his personal guard/enforcer. Despite his apparent lack of care about others and his bloodthirsty demeanor, he is somehow committed to defend the weak and follow his own instinct and principles (even if they are few in number).

Not particularly recognized for his honor like Eddard Stark, or his intelligence like Tyrion Lannister, but he is considerably strong.

Now, he may be disliked by some fans, but during the second season he saved Sansa Stark from being raped by three men. Not only did he do that, but he constantly protected Sansa from Joffrey.

Of course, it was supposed to be his duty to protect his queen, but it was actually Clegane who decides to look for Sansa during the riot when she was about to be abused (and he wasn't doing it for personal gain or a reward)

After the battle of the Blackwater he leaves King's Landing and by chance finds Arya Stark, which leads to him protecting the girl while taking her to the Vale of Arryn, and to her aunt Lysa.

This plan was in the hopes that he could get a reward by doing so, but during their journey the Hound showed that he actually cared for Arya, protecting her from harm as much as he could. Even if he initially did it so he could collect a reward, we have to admit that Clegane is not as cold hearted as we once thought.

Their journey ends when they are found by Brienne and Podrick, leading to a fight between Clegane and Brienne, and his death after Arya leaves him badly wounded and alone.

We almost felt sory for him, almost.
We almost felt sory for him, almost.

We have to admit that if not for his intervention, two of the lead characters in the show would have suffered different fates, so he is definitely a really important part of the story that few people credits.

4. Brienne of Tarth

Introduced in Renly Baratheon's tournament,she is a one of a kind fierce warrior who defeated the Knight of the Roses in a duel, and became Renly's royal guard.

Brienne "the beauty"
Brienne "the beauty"

After Renly's death, she was charged of hilling him, but Catelyn Stark was there and she was a witness of Brienne's innocence, and escaped to Winterfell with Brienne.

She is a brave warrior and a most loyal servant, offering her service to lady Stark under the condition that when she gets the chance, she will kill Stannis.

Under Catelyn's service, she was entrusted with taking Jaime Lannister to King's Landing so Arya and Sansa could be released safely and returned to Winterfell. Of course, Lady Stark didn't know that her daughters were no longer there.

She was steadfast in her duty even when the "Kingslayer" tried so hard to get rid of her by offering money in exchange of his release and even tried to kill her.

Later on, she kept her promise to keep Sansa and Arya safe, by attempting to rescue Arya from the Hound and also keeping watch outside Winterfell, waiting for the chance to take Sansa out of there.

To summarize, she is an important part to the series due to her uncompromising loyalty and bravery, and to me is one of my favorite characters.

3. Jorah Mormont

Jorah "lord frienzone" mormont
Jorah "lord frienzone" mormont

This fallen knight has a special place in our hearts, being the protector and loyal servant of Daenerys (until we discover he sort of betrayed her by being a spy)

Always seeking to protect and fullfill Dany's requests, Jorah "the Andal" fights through anyone that tries to harm Dany, even if that means ignoring exile twice, kidnapping Tyrion, and traveling through the cursed ruins of Vayria to save Daenerys from being murdered.

He is always there for her and his loyalty to Dany moves us to like him even more.

Besides that, he is a proven warrior and smart strategist, and certainly one of the most "friendzon-ed" characters in the show.

Jorah fight scene in Gladia....sorry 5th season.
Jorah fight scene in Gladia....sorry 5th season.

2. Varys

This eunuch is responsible for spying on every character in the series (known or unknown, dead or alive)

Although Varys's intentions are not always clear, he has been shown to have the good of the realm in mind when advisiong Ned Stark and assisting Tyrion.

He is a master of disguise and he has a huge net of spies called "little birds" which he uses as weapons or a shield depending the situation.

Many of his deeds lead to key points in the story and couldn't possibly happen without his intervention.

1. Samwell Tarly

Ok, we have seen some underrated characters in Game of thrones, but the following is, in my opinion, the most underrated and underestimated of them all.

Surprised? Well you shouldn't be.

Exiled to the Night's Watch by his father, rejected and bullied by his new brothers, he may not be a great warrior, or the bravest one there is, but he is smart and loyal to the core.

He befriends Jon Snow and quickly becomes an integral part of the watch, and he pulled of a feat that just a handful of people have been able to.

He killed a friggin' white walker.

Also he has that human quality that most of the men in the Watch lack: compassion.

Well, these guys have worked hard to stay alive so far in a world where protagonists die all the time.

Let's give them the credit they deserve, and don't forget to tell us...


Who's your favorite support character in Game of Thrones?


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