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We're an aspiring video review organization that review the latest films to hit the silver screen.
Stub Masters

Hey everybody, Ethan here from StubMaster reviews and you might be wondering why we have a MoviePilot page, when we are most successful on our Youtube channel? Well, to that I say; we just mirror-post our videos here as well. But the real answer is: we watch a lot of movies, for the most part, they are not movies that we'll be covering for an actual video review, but some that we just watch for enjoyment. So, I say, that if I we love reviewing movies then we can expand on to a written format as well if we do not have the means at the moment to create a video, plus the films we write about might not always be the hottest things at the moment, so we don't have to cover things that will most likely not gain a lot of interest or views. I believe that we can all do as good as a job writing out a review as we can acting out a silly intro for a video. So, if you don't mind reading a bit, than let us tell you all about the movie that tickle our fancies and what we watch on a day to day basis, though you'll mostly be hearing from me. Anyway guys, hope you enjoy the text based reviews, and if you enjoy our videos, like and subscribe for more!

P.S- If the text based reviews are popular enough, I will personally film a review for them.


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