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non-spoiler review for ant man

Ant man is the closing chapter in the Marvel Cinematic Universe phase 2.
Ant man may be a small film in the MCU,but it is packed with a lot of entertainment,humor,action,drama,and the movie totally work . Before the movie was published,everyone is not sure if this is going to be an awesome movie.

but marvel is well known making an unpopular comic book character become popular or in other words the impossible become possible.

Marvel did it again guys ,this movie is spectacular in every angle. what i really like about this movie is paul rudd as scott lang,he is perfect as ant man,his humor,skill will fit perfectly with the avengers.

michael pena is really really funny in this movie ,whenever this movie need the element of humor ,michael pena nailed it perfectly. i also love how this movie gave a really good backstory of hank pym

hope van dyme for me personally is not an interesting character in this movie ,but i believe in future movie she will get more diversity and more depth of her character

the flow of this movie is really smooth and no element of forced is there in the storyline.

so everyone who haven't watch ant man ,i recommend you to watch this movie you will not regret it,and for the MCU fans there will be 2 post credit scene ,so stay your ass on the seat

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