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Disclaimer: The information in this article is subject to change. TMZ's wording was somewhat vague and contained no direct quotes.

Lionsgate movies certainly have a habit for getting in hot water. As of today, yet another Lionsgate film is the source of courtroom drama. According to TMZ, actress/model Paz de la Huerta is suing the filmmakers of the 2014 movie Nurse 3D for damaging her career.

It all started in 2011, when Paz signed on to play the lead role in a B-movie called Nurse 3D. Nurse 3D centered around a seductive nurse who gets revenge on cheating men. Now the same woman is getting her revenge on the filmmakers, only this time, it's in the courtroom.

Later that year, she was allegedly involved in a work accident during Nurse 3D's filming. Paz was allegedly in the middle of filming a scene when she was clipped by an ambulance that was supposed to speed by her. She claims that the accident caused a spinal injury that she sought to file a workers' compensation claim. That, however, was only the beginning.

Doug Aarniokoski
Doug Aarniokoski

Paz claims that director Doug Aarniokoski (Arrow, Sleepy Hollow) was angry at her for filing a claim. As a result, he hired a "lousy actress" to dub over her lines. Paz reportedly pointed to how the movie bombed at the box office and how some critics chastised her monotone performance as examples on why her career was hurt.

Nurse 3D was given a limited theatrical release in February 7th, 2014, going straight to VOD the same day. The film received mixed reviews from critics who praised its B-movie thrills but criticized its clunky script. In the end, Nurse 3D grossed $139,509 in DVD sales on a $10 million budget, which is indeed an absolute flop.

Paz is asking for a total of $55 million in punitive damages, claiming she made $2 million annually before the movie's release. She is also asking the judge to demand Aarniokoski to allow Paz to dub her own voice back into the film. It looks like the rumored sequel won't happen after all.

So what do you think? Does Paz deserve compensation, or is she just as crazy as the character she played?


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