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Before I start this article, I'd like to thank everyone who got me to over 11,000 total reads. I've only been on this site for a week and I'm loving it already! So, onto the article! (This article also contains spoilers for [Mad Max: Fury Road](tag:41445), although if you haven't seen it yet. See it. Now).

Mad Max: Fury Road was one of, if not the most, talked about films of 2015. Scoring 98% on Rotten Tomatoes' 'Tomatometer' and countless four and five star reviews from journalists worldwide. So naturally, it deserved a sequel, or three, as Tom Hardy recently signed a contract for. So, what can we expect from another THREE modern Mad Max films.

Lights, Action and (even more) Action

One of the film's many points of pure destruction.
One of the film's many points of pure destruction.

One of the greatest things about Mad Max: Fury Road, was its difference to other action films. It had a low-key storyline, enabling for more screen-time for explosions, punches, war cries and flaming guitars. Mad Max: Fury Road seemed to focus simply on one journey, to get Furiosa and Immortan Joe's wives to The Green Land. Whereas, presuming from the new title , we have the the entirety of The Wasteland to focus on, so more space for action and more people to be causing it. This brings me onto my next point.

All Kinds of Faces; The New, The Old and The Familiar (Contains Spoilers for Fury Road)

The Fury Road ensemble
The Fury Road ensemble

At the end of Fury Road, we saw Max and Furiosa part ways after they took Immortan Joe's kingdom, supplying the people with all the water they needed. Max is now on his own, once again, to explore The Wasteland and everything it has to offer him. This could take the film series into a totally new direction, or a similar direction to Fury Road (meeting new people to complete an objective). The Wasteland may even be a setup for a cinematic universe of some sort where all Mad Max characters exist, including those from the original trilogy. This gives Miller the tricky task of reviving characters from the 1980s into the radically different film era of 2015.

Finally, The Wasteland could (probably) have more of a plot

Fury Road received next to no criticism (yes it was that good) although where criticism did strike was towards its narrative. Although there were only small, crumb-sized hints of plot dropped through dialogue, we had plenty of action to supplement the seeming lack of a direct story. Although now, the characters, location, dystopia and so much more has been established to a level where it's quite understandable. So this means viewers of Fury Road can be familiar with what The Wasteland is. Enabling the wonderful Mr Miller to dive into what I'd call the 'lore' of Mad Max. Discovering more about how The Wasteland came to be and who really controls it. Perhaps with the different leaders of The Wasteland disagreeing on their leadership, climaxing to an out 'War of The Wasteland(s)'.

Now that sounds like a good sequel.


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