ByRaven Lautenschlager, writer at

As a young girl growing up Xena was one of the only female heroes. I remember never missing an episode. Xena wasn't like the far fetched gimmicky genetically altered super heroes with unrealistic super powers, she was the real deal! I idolized her; she was a strong independant well disciplined woman who didn't have a big group of friends around her at all times and she was always willing to help those that were in need of her assistance. As far as I know she was the only hero that could take on swarms of men attacking her with nothing other than her strength and skill and sometimes a little assistance from her companions that traveled with her to many different lands. She not only took on the attacks of massive groups but she also was the only female hero to go toe to toe with gods and goddesses and give them a run for their money all without gimmicky super powers. She was also the only female hero without super powers that started off as royalty and threw it all away! She helped all kinds of people rich or poor sick or healthy. She didn't care about immage unless she needed to be in disguise she never was ridiculously thin but instead athleticly muscular but not ridiculously so like a body builder. In today's society where everything is more focused on a more material life style and vanity Xena is needed now more than ever. I always remember Xena having a strong sense of who she was she didn't care that she didn't take the easy path all she cared about was doing what needed to be done because it was the right thing to do, sure she made a few mistakes made some bad choices not to mention hit a few bumps in the road but it gave her a sence of humanity that the viewers could really connect to and also had viewers on the edge of their seats barely able to contain themselves as they anticipated what would come next. Xena was an amazing role model one that today's youth and even some adults could learn valuable life lessons from. Xena never cared about being rich she was born rich and threw it all away, she didn't care that she didn't have many friends because the ones she had were loyal and would follow her even when they were faced with death because they believed in her, and she most definitely did not care what she looked like or what people thought of her because she was comfortable and confident with herself. These are lessons we should be imprinting on our youth and adults not this garbage that subliminally brainwashes us to be materialistic, veign, self-centered and self-conscious.


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