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Just when I thought Disney had enough live-actions in the making for the time being, they announce a new and surprising one! There will be a live-action version of The Sword in the Stone heading our way. The tale features the "regular little grasshopper" boy called Arthur a.k.a. Wart. This lovely adventure-packed film has magic woven in and a sprinkling of scary moments, too. The Sword in the Stone was released in 1963, and is the last film put out while Walt Disney was still alive. It follows the adventures of a young King Arthur with some sweet songs mixed in along the way.

The film sees Arthur, who has so often been put down by those around him, being challenged to believe in himself and his abilities by Merlin the Wizard. The adventure begins when Arthur drops into Merlin's house, which Merlin was of course expecting.

There are some really dark moments along the way as the adventure to the peak of the film continues

Arthur almost gets eaten by a crocodile after being turned into a fish by Merlin, who had been teaching him how to swim. But, he is saved by Archimedes the owl just in time!

Thankfully, it looks like the film will be in good hands, and it may even surprise you who will be penning the script. The writer and producer of the one and only Game of Thrones, Bryan Cogman, has been approached to write the script for the project. I think this will be a fantastic choice and I could see the film being taken into a much darker darker direction with. Bryan Cogman has already penned an epically successful fantasy, medieval style series and will no doubt be able to bring his dark fantasy ideas to this film. Bryan will have a suitcase of experience to open as he is currently working on adapting the fantasy card game Magic: The Gathering into a new film franchise for FOX.

The news gets better still as the live-action is going to be produced by Brigham Taylor. This incredible producer has been part of Disney since 1994.

Brigham Taylor has already been announced as the producer for the live-action of The Jungle Book and now his attention will be turning to The Sword in the Stone. I am so happy that the film will be in good hands, and I am sure he will make a film that would have made Walt Disney proud; he really has a legacy to live up to! This talented guy has worked on all Pirates of the Caribbean films as a Production Executive, so I have high hopes for his live-action remakes already!

So the producer and writer have been announced, but what about the cast?

As Disney will probably take their sweet time with releasing further details, it's time for me to do some fan casting!

Sean Connery as Merlin

Sean Connery famously turned down the part of Gandalf in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, along with megabucks, as he did not understand the script. Back in 1995 he played the role of the legendary King Arthur in First Knight. Maybe it is time for him to step back into the medieval era and take on a script he may understand better!

Tate Berney as Wart/Arthur

As the film goes on, Arthur discovers the true legend that he is. This young and talented actor really looks the part already. You may recognize him from Insidious: Chapter 3, the TV series All My Children, and the film Just Before I Go. Tate has been cast in lots of horror films and even has a new one in the making. I think it would be fantastic for him to take on the role of Arthur and discover his full acting potential through this role.

Helena Bonham Carter as Madam Mim

This casting is not based upon looks at all, but on the sheer talent. Helena Bonham Carter has a way of adapting characters to make them believable that would fit perfectly. I could see her giving a fantastic and fiery personality to Madam Mim. You can see her in many films, including Harry Potter, where she plays the sinister Bellatrix Lestrange, and Fight Club!

Rupert Grint as Sir Kay

It would be fun to see Rupert take on the role of a more troublesome character, Sir Kay is based on a character of the same name from the King Arthur legends. He is Arthur's adopted brother and is quite mean to the future young king in the film. Rupert really found his place in the acting world after taking on the role of Ron Weasley in Harry Potter, and it's be great to see him flex his acting muscles further in such a role.

Jeffrey Jones as Sir Ector

Sir Ector is the pompous and unkind adopted father of Arthur. Jeffrey could bring his incredible cinematic style and experience with playing villainous characters to the role. One of the best gifts he has is the facial expressions he can pull that can say any number of words. Jeffrey would be able to mimic that bulging eye look fantastically. This actor has been in a huge number of roles and has acted in everything from Beetlejuice to Stuart Little.

Do you think the live-action version will manage to pull off this legendary tale?

If you would like to add who you think should be casted, drop it into the comments bellow!


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