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(Warning - mild SPOILERS for Marvel's Ant-Man lie below. If you haven't yet seen the movie, feel free to get on that right now. Don't worry, we'll wait...)

Now, when it comes to thinking about the grand master plan Marvel Studios seems to have for the next decade or so of comic book movie domination, it's often tempting to assume that every Marvel movie we see in theaters has been carefully planned to the finest detail.

Sometimes, though, that simply isn't the case. Much like any other major blockbusters, Marvel movies often go through extensive rewrites during filming, and reshoots after its conclusion. After all, no matter how much you plan ahead, there's always a chance that a plotline simply won't be working, or that plans change elsewhere, necessitating some major cinematic surgery.

Such, it seems, was very much the case with Marvel's recently released Ant-Man. Y'see:

Ant-Man's Latest TV Spot Reveals a Whole Lot of Footage That Isn't in the Movie

More specifically, it seems that the film's latest TV spot might just have revealed an entire subplot that we didn't see - one that was presumably excised from the movie during those much talked about reshoots. Specifically, one in which...well, check it out for yourself:

From the looks of it, then:

Scott Lang Originally Revealed the Ant-Man Suit to His Buddies Way Earlier

As opposed to in the final movie, where they don't find out his secret until they're all invited to Hank Pym's home. Thankfully, though:

Their Response Is Pretty Darned Positive

Though, from the looks of the TV spot...

Scott's Was Less So When It Came to Their Dancing

Or, perhaps that was simply his reaction to whatever they had planned with this casino:

It Looks as Though a Con Was Very Much on

And, from the looks of it:

That Con Would've Been Pretty Successful

A miniaturized Ant-Man helping his buddies out with the roll of the dice, perhaps?

Either way, it seems we're not likely to find out too much more until Ant-Man's Blu-ray rolls around - but it's fascinating to imagine just how different the movie we ultimately saw could have been.

What do you think, though?



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