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Following recent developments, it would seem more likely that Valve would make Left 4 Dead 3 as opposed to their much desired Half-Life 3 - or at least not the Half-Life that we're expecting. Valve has transformed as a company since the astounding singleplayer experiences they crafted for us all on PC. They're a company that owns one of the biggest e-sports titles in the world and they've created a platform for PC gamers that has transformed the industry.

Gabe Newell has recently advocated Valve's progression into a developer that focuses solely on multiplayer experiences. He's always found the fan base that surrounds their online creations to be far more engaging and rewarding. He loves the atmosphere that a successful online title can bring and the years of engagement it can offer. Thus, this progression for Valve, coupled with the success and degree of work it takes to keep Steam running, ultimately makes the idea of Left 4 Dead 3 rather unlikely.


Left 4 Dead 3 - Valve, Steam, VR & Game Development

Steam has made Gabe Newell one of the wealthiest people in the Video Games industry. His net worth is estimated at over 1 billion dollars and his online platform is the one place that makes or breaks games on PC. The last two games that the company have developed have been Portal 2 in 2011 and DOTA 2 in 2013. The latter demonstrates the domain that Newell sees Valve continuing to work within. Thus if Half-Life 3 is ever made, it'll be very different than what we're expecting.

But Left 4 Dead is an awesome online game. Sure it has offline components, but the game excels when other players from around the world are forced to kill hoards of zombies as a team. Therefore, doesn't this make Left 4 Dead 3 a more likely venture for this modern version of Valve? It's hard to say. But with Valve focusing on Steam and now VR, one can imagine game development is the last thing on their mind.


Is There Hope for Left 4 Dead 3?

While it may seem kind of impossible at this stage, there was an interesting development last year when UGC tools in a DOTA 2 update uncovered the letters 'hl3'. It spoke about a physics testbed programme that Valve is implementing into Source 2, and low and behold Half-Life 3 was referenced in this code. But that wasn't all that was discovered.

In Valve's leaked bpm, which we got to see also, we are shown every single main game directory for anything that was found in Valve's source 2 game list. This means that Valve was at one point working on these titles with Source 2. So what exactly was found within these here files aside from DOTA 2? Oh nothing, just Left 4 Dead 3.

Left 4 Dead
Left 4 Dead

But this might not mean what we think it does. Gabe Newell was all about Half-Life 3 after The Orange Box, so it's highly possible that Valve were working on the project at some point with Source Engine 2 and then abandoned it. Whether it will ever emerge from development silence is something we just don't know.

Let us know what you think the chances of seeing Left 4 Dead 3 are in the comments below and whether you'd like to see Valve focus on game development as opposed to VR and Steam for a little while!


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