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I did some research on one of the stars of this year's San Diego Comic-Con, the aptly named D-Piddy. You can find his Facebook page here. Essentially, he trolls people as Deadpool for a living, and in this case he successfully and effectively stole the show in sunny San Diego last weekend for the Con.

The R-rated Deadpool movie starring Ryan Reynolds is going to be groundbreaking, and I can't wait for its release. D-Piddy enlisted the help of Gwenpool to make sure that their collective presence was felt. Of course, they documented a lot of it for our viewing pleasure.

So, let's dive right in... Here's the full video and link to said video on YouTube.

Even this Jesus guy had to crack a smile

Didn't realize Deadpool was on the Night's Watch... sorry Jon Snow


Sorry Deadpool, but I think you're outgunned here

Deadpool needs his crack... and he needs it now

I like this, I like this a lot

Gwenpool isn't all that impressed here

This seems vaguely inappropriate but also amazing

While cosplay is not consent, this is still pretty damn hysterical

Deadpool meets porn star Ron Jeremy and is a little grossed out after shaking his hand

Deadpool tracks down Batman

Deadpool C-blocks Spidey here


Deadpool tries to give this woman doing an Aquaman crossplay some hydration

Deadpool sees his face on a magazine and, of course, that makes him happy

This gets me so juiced for what I think will be one of next year's best movies yet. Our own Will Wharton broke down why the hard R-rated Deadpool movie will be a success. Check it out!

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