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It's been almost two decades since it hit theaters, but Scream remains one of my all-time favorite horror movies. It totally changed the game and introduced the perfect element of self-awareness to the genre. The Scream franchise has had a such a lasting impact that it was recently updated for an MTV TV show.

With a movie like Scream, I'm constantly finding new information that makes me respect it even more, and this theory via Buzzfeed is one of the most intriguing items on that list. It speculates that there were actually three killers in Scream, and his identity may just surprise you.

Heavy spoilers for anyone that hasn't seen the first three Scream movies!

In the first movie, we discover that Sidney Prescott's mother was brutally murdered a year earlier

Right around the one-year anniversary of her mother's death, a classmate of hers is brutally murdered by a killer in a Ghostface mask, and Sidney's life is once again changed forever.

The big reveal at the end confirms that there are two killers: Billy and Stu

But here's where things get less obvious.

The theory argues that there was a third killer right from the beginning, but we don't see his face until Scream 3

That third killer is none other than Roman Bridger, the murderer who explains that he is Sidney's illegitimate half-brother in the widely divisive second sequel. His backstory places him in Woodsboro before the deaths of Scream, and his long-lost mother (who was an actress in Hollywood) didn't accept him.

When he was shunned, Roman got his revenge by setting into motion the events of Scream

He filmed his own mother having affairs and showed one tape to Billy. When Billy saw his father sleeping with Maureen, he killed her and began his murder spree with Stu. It seems crazy that Roman would be lurking in the background of the movie, but if you watch closely, there are signs that back it up.

One scene sees Ghostface hunting Sidney and Tatum outside the house before they go to the grocery store

Dimension Films
Dimension Films

But the next scene both Billy and and Stu are at the video store.

Dimension Films
Dimension Films

But then Ghostface can be seen in a reflection at the store. How would Stu and Billy dress up, go to the video store, and dress up again all within this time frame?

Dimension Films
Dimension Films

Notice how Ghostface's mask in the top righthand corner is hovering over ROMAN-tica desserts? Could that really be a coincidence? Out of all the desserts out there, and this one seems to point directly to someone we already know to be a killer.

Based on the events of Scream 3, we know that Roman had conspired with Billy already, so I don't think it's totally out of the question to think he could have helped them out even with these original killings. I'm usually pretty skeptical when it comes to theories, but this seems like more than continuity errors to me.

(Via Buzzfeed)


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