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Stephen Adamson

Art is a wonderful thing. It tends to be designed to evoke some kind of feeling from those who view it, but the best thing about it is that not everyone feels the same way. In other words, the same one thing can make numerous people feel totally different ways.

I once went and saw an art exhibit that was full of art works that were done exclusively on iPads. Super creative methods of making art can be really impressive, and these pieces here are a prime example of that. Artist Philip Ob Rey enlisted the help of Louie Otesanek and Mailie Viney to make the ā€œVā€ HS Project, which is a bunch of creepy pieces of art made up of VHS tape.

Check it out! It's pretty creepy and death-like...

I don't know about you, but I'm sufficiently creeped out.

(Via: DangerousMinds)


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