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While Far Cry 4 was certainly a huge success for Ubisoft and the game enjoyed a healthy reception from both fans and journalists, it was dangerously close to what Far Cry 3 had previously granted us. Except Far Cry 4 just kind of pushed everything to 11. Don't get me wrong, I had a lot of fun with this game, but if Ubisoft wants Far Cry 5 to enjoy the success the previous instalment had they need to seriously change things up.

But what direction should they take Far Cry 5? Should they go as crazy as Blood Dragon did for Far Cry 3? Should they include the presence of zombies and vampires? Where should they draw the line and what do you want from Ubisoft on release date?

Far Cry: Blood Dragon
Far Cry: Blood Dragon

Far Cry 5 - How Ubisoft Need to Leave Far Cry 4 Behind

The kind of energy that Far Cry 4 exuded is indicative of what we want from the Far Cry series. The first game is still my favourite in the series and I adored how it let players off the leash into a world that brought some unexpected surprises. But it was always just an insane amount of fun. Ubisoft have done a great job of maintaining that level of energy and engaging gameplay. But should they really go as crazy as this?!

Far Cry 5
Far Cry 5

Are Dinosaurs in Far Cry 5 What We Need?

We all know that Ubisoft need to abandon their clustered map filled with ridiculous fetch quests and random chests. On top of that they really need to fix their whole protagonist situation. What happened to the glory days of Ezio? Now we're just stuck with the replication of basically the same character in Far Cry 3 and 4 and the appalling Aiden Pearce from Watch Dogs, who appears to have had all personality sand blasted off.

We need a compelling protagonist and engaging new plot in Far Cry 5. And yeah, dinosaurs would be pretty sweet too! But I think the whole liberating foreign islands needs to stop in any case. Yeah, in Far Cry 4 Ajay Ghale was from Kyrat. But he also spent all of his life in America and spoke with an American accent. Come on Ubisoft! You can do better than this.

Far Cry 4
Far Cry 4

What Do You Want From the Release Date of Far Cry 5?

Though to be honest, they could set Far Cry 5 in space for all I care in terms of gameplay. The action in Far Cry 4 is really well balanced. The sneaking options armed with a bow are fantastic. While enjoying the explosive nature of rocket launchers, while simultaneously using an elephant to take down a whole village of enemies was seriously enjoyable.

As long as Far Cry's fantastic combat sticks around, we'll at least have a great base in Far Cry 5. But Ubisoft need to improve on what we can actually do in its open world. Whether they should go as crazy as including dinosaurs in the game is up to them, just give us a good character and an interesting narrative to enjoy along with them. What do you want from Far Cry 5? Let us know in the comments!


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