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Lupita Nyong'o and Andy Serkis are both set to play pivotal roles in [Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](tag:711158), yet details about their characters have been few and far between. There's a lot to be gleaned from hints and rumours though, and it could be that the two mysterious characters are secretly working together to set up our heroes!

Just in case you haven't been sifting through all the leaked hints and taking notes, let us be the Star Wars sleuths for you. We've gathered every little bit of info available about these characters, and here's a handy breakdown of what we know so far!

Maz Kanata: Space Pirate

Lupita and Kanata's concept art
Lupita and Kanata's concept art

The course of events in Star Wars 7 is becoming much clearer. We know that Rey and Finn will meet up with Han Solo, and after an exciting pursuit by the First Order (and a space battle between the Millennium Falcon and TIE fighters!), the gang will find sanctuary on a forest world (probably Yavin). And of all the bars in all the galaxy, they just happen to wander into Maz Kanta's.

That's right, Nyong'o's character owns a bar, much like the good old cantina in the first films (let's hope the band are playing a different song...). More leaked concept art revealed Maz Kanata welcoming Rey into the joint.

Rey's outfit has changed, obvs
Rey's outfit has changed, obvs

Kanata has also been slated to be an old buddy of Han Solo's, which would explain why they go to her for help. Could she be a bounty hunter from Solo's pre-Rebellion days? And what does she know about the mysterious lightsaber that the First Order are trying to find?

This is another tiny tidbit from the ol' Star Wars 7 rumour/hint mill. There's this really powerful lightsaber (not Kylo Ren's awesome cross guard one, by the way, another lightsaber) that the team are tasked with finding, and it may be the key to fighting the First Order. Many people have theorised that it belongs to the warrior from the synopsis...

"When a ruthless prince rises to power and threatens galactic peace, a runaway soldier, an uncongenial scavenger, and a hot shot pilot find their fates intertwined as they embark on a journey to find the most powerful warrior in the galaxy."

Perhaps Kanata knows who this warrior is. Rey and Finn need more from her than shelter: they need answers!

Could that be Leia?
Could that be Leia?

It's been theorised that the "most powerful warrior" is Luke Skywalker, which would make the lightsaber his. It's certainly possible, and this would bring the new characters together with the trio from the original films. Unless, of course, Kanata sells them out before they can leave her bar...

Supreme Leader Snoke: The Biggest Bad

What we know of Snoke sets him up as the villain extraordinaire, pulling the strings behind the scenes. He's probably allied with the First Order, if he's not the ultimate commander of the Stormtrooper army. The General and Captain Phasma have been reported to share scenes with Andy Serkis' enigmatic character, so that certainly points to Snoke having First Order ties.

Remember this iconic line from the first trailer? It was soon confirmed that Andy Serkis was the one to utter these oh-so quotable words. Seeing as Snoke can be heard talking about the Force (and he seems to know a lot of what's going on), this points towards him being a follower of the Sith way. It also sounds like he's talking to someone - perhaps a mentoree (Kylo Ren, anyone?).

What's behind the dots?
What's behind the dots?

Snoke could even be a survivor of the war, which would explain his CGI creation.

So are they working together in Star Wars 7?

It's a distinct possibility. We know that the gang will be chased off the forest planet, pursued yet again by the First Order. This could well be because Maz Kanata sold them out, as she might be a double agent for Snoke. Or perhaps Kanata will be a more wise, guardian like character. As her backstory is shrouded in mystery, anything is possible at this point.

Until we get more leaks, it looks like we'll have to wait until the movie's release to find out. You heard it here first though folks - don't trust any mysterious characters, especially if they're created with CGI!


Will Maz Kanata betray our heroes?


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