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Ever had a dream where you are being chased, you are running from someone or something, maybe even a killer? Then you probably wake up and realize you are totally okay and it was 'only a dream.' What if this dream were a reality and was actually happening to you? There is an incredible kick-starter campaign happening right now with a similar idea except it's not just you being chased around, but your fears leading the way, too.

This incredibly high tech and wholesomely scary experience is one which the maze called Hyde hopes to create.

How does it work?

The maze knows where you are and it knows how scared you are. The players who dare to enter this walled maze will wear a small sensor which tracks heart rate, your breathing and your posture. Your body may want to go one way but your fears may open another door as the puzzle changes accordingly. As you go from room to room your fears will heighten. Even though the killer is not real, panic definitely will be kicking in. As you try and break puzzles, the walls twist around you, and all the while Mr. Hyde moves ever closer.

"Hyde is a maze game inspired by the tale of Jekyll and Hyde. We’re building it in London. Set in the near future, the experience will be like playing a cross between the Crystal Maze and Portal but in the real world. We’ve developed some really cool tech that will bring Hyde to life, we’re now looking for your support to build it into a real world game environment."

This terrifyingly intense maze even lets doors stay locked until you physically calm yourself down, all the while someone is close behind trying to 'kill you.'

The 'Bio-Sensors' track you:

"These connect via Bluetooth to a mobile telephone. The phone runs our app that sends individual player data to the Hyde server. The server processes this information, then activates actuators (locks, lights, motors) in the maze. Hyde tracks players, individually and in groups, so will make challenges harder or easier, depending where players have been and how well they are doing."

The whole concept is like magic. The maze can link your body to stuff in the game world like enabling you to unlock doors by holding your breath, or you can even switch lights on and off by lowering your heart rate.

Hyde needs your help!

We’ve got a tech set up, a warehouse in which to build the prototype and an awesome team to make Hyde happen.

We need to raise £50,000 from the Kickstarter community to fund the building of the maze, the scaling up of our technology and its installation in the game space. But we also need your input into the design of the game play.

Can you imagine allowing your senses to control your fate, right as the experiment unfolds before your eyes?! This incredibly small innovative company is also behind the zombie experience 2.8 Days Later, I think Hyde is gonna be epic!

Head over to this link: Hyde Maze, to find out more about this project and to get involved!


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