ByJohn Collins, writer at
John Collins

This decade has seen Jim Henson’s Muppets return to the forefront of pop culture thanks to two big screen projects, The Muppets and Muppets Most Wanted. So could the next move for our favorites be a new horror film?

Unfortunately not. But in 2011 Game Room Films released an unofficial trailer that brilliantly combines the classic Muppets and the extremely violent Saw franchise.

In the trailer Miss Piggy stars as the newest Jigsaw killer, violently putting Muppets into traps and testing them. Watch the unofficial trailer below!

Although they won't be seen in a horror movie anytime soon , The Muppets will be back later this year! They will be returning to primetime September 22 with a contemporary, documentary-style show, exclusively on ABC.

So until then, get excited!


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