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As a child you grow attached to the little cartoons running across your tv screen. Some are a short yet strong connection, but others stay with you your entire life. I'd be lying if at 22 I still didn't get excited when I see an old Peanuts special get fired up on the television. There's just something about it that brings you back and honestly there is nothing quite like it. I now present the top five cartoon characters that have stuck with me through all the years.

#5 - Woody

How much more iconic can you get? Toy Story is always a chart topper when it comes to animated stories and there's no real wonder why. It is an amazing tale of what happens to toys when children leave the room. What really makes it for me though i the outstanding voice cast. Tom Hanks and Tim Allen own the roles of Woody and Buzz and they play the part perfectly. Woody however won me over solely because he was the heart of the film. And for his fantastic lines as well. "There's a snake in my boot!"

#4 - Snoopy

What could possibly be one of the most iconic cartoons of all time, Snoopy creeps up on the list at number four. Although he doesn't say much, that doesn't stop this dog from getting his point across and winning our hearts in the process. Always there by our hero Charlie Brown's side, Snoopy is the kind of companion we hope we are lucky to have in real life. Whether it's letting out a chuckle as Charlie misses the football, messing with woodstock, or catching some ZZZ's on the roof of the doghouse, it is always a pleasure to see this little guy in action.

#3 - Bart Simpson

What could be the most iconic Simpson behind Homer himself, Bart never stops making us laugh every half hour on the Simpsons. Now I grew up on the Simpsons so personally it will always be my favorite animated show. No question. However not everyone shares my love for the show and some prefer Family Guy to it. I say to them you are missing out. The Simpsons started it all and Bart has been there since day one to solidify this. With such classic lines as "Eat my shorts, Don't have a Cow, and Cowabunga Dude" Bart has forever been that devious 10 year old brother we all know and love.

#2 - Garfield

There is something about this famished feline that I just love. This cat is by far one of my favorite animated creations. His obsession for lasagna, his love for sleep, his annoyance at dogs, we have so much in common already! Honestly though this show is just so relaxed and comical I think all children of all ages can enjoy. Garfield is just your average lazy fat cat trying to get by until his next meal dealing with all life problems in between. He is funny, adorable, and irritable, everything you can ask for in a cartoon cat. Oh and in the films he voiced by the greatest man on the face of the earth, Mr. Bill Murray. As if that enough doesn't reel you in!

#1 - Butters

Finally it comes out! The best and my favorite animated character is none other than butters from South Park. Never has a more innocent character made me laugh so hard and so often. Trey Parker and Matt Stone started Butters off as a non speaking background character and slowly throughout the seasons he has evolved into the lovable character we all have gotten to know. If you don't know hi check out an episode with him in it and you'll be in stitches. Just be carful! This is the only character on the list (with the exception of maybe Bart to some) that ain't exactly family friendly. None the less he is still today's chart topper.

Hope you enjoyed the list! Let me know what your favorite animated characters are! And remember to never let them go, no matter how old you get! Until next time,

Ryan Vanfleet


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