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It's no doubt that we are living in the golden age of all things geek. It took years for us to finally be cool but it happened. No longer are black rimmed glasses and pocket protectors uncool (well I guess pocket protectors are still uncool). Video games are no longer for the fringe because nowadays its hard to find someone who doesn't play something. So lets list off 5 reasons, we are living in the golden age of all things geek.

1. Geek Movies Rule the Box Office

It's hard not to find a new comic book movie these days. And its not stopping anytime soon. DC and Marvel have a slew of material ready to be gobbled up by us geeks. Not only that, they are a viable industry these days. It wasn't but 10 years ago where making a comic book movie had to get a lot of approval and most of the times they never ended up like the comics. Now, they are trying to gather up any hero they can to make a movie. I doubt anyone 10 years ago would have thought we would see an Ant-Man or Suicide Squad movie let alone see Batman duke it out with Superman. The comics we read as kids are now the bane of the movie industry. And as long as they keep selling tickets, the golden age of comic movies will continue.

2. It's Cool to be a Geek!


It was never cool to be a geek back in the day. Just take a look at most older movies before the 2000's and take note at how they portray the average geek. Nerdy glasses, pocket protector, weak and usually second fiddle in media. Even the classic Revenge of the Nerds still played into major stereotypes. Now, we live in a world where being a geek is socially acceptable and even cool. The stereotypes that geeks were made fun of for are now a style. Even to the point that they make fake glasses that look like the classic geek style. So put on your Iron Man shirt and feel proud that you can walk around without being ridiculed.

3. Celebrities Have Embraced the Geekdom!

How amazing is it that we can live in a world where Vin Diesel admits to loving Dungeons and Dragons while being one of the biggest action movie stars ever. The great golden age of geeks has allowed everyone to embrace their niche of geekdom. In the olden days celebrities would be clamoring for big parts in dramas. Now, every week we get a new rumor from a celebrity on which superhero they want to play. And celebrities embracing geek culture only makes us cooler.

4. Geeks Have the Coolest Parties!

Comic Cons have become a huge deal over the past few years. The most famous of them being the San Diego Comic Con. Thousands of people flock to the greatest party for geeks in the universe. However, if you can't make it all the way out to San Diego, most major cities have their own comic con. Not only that, but multiple cons happen throughout the year. A place where during the day you can have a family event or at night attend some more sultry events intended for adults. Geeks party and have fun and always will make an excuse to throw down whether it be for the Game of Thrones premiere or an anime con. We have fun, and it makes the non geeks come out and have fun with us.

5. We Aren't Scared of the Bully Anymore!

The classic bully that picked on the geek is fading away. Not that bullying doesn't still exist, but there are those out their combating it. It wasn't always like this. There was a time where you had to stick with your fellow geek to keep from being on the wrong end of wedgie. Now, its cool to be a geek. The tables have flipped, there are more geeks then there ever was. We are a strong community and we protect our own. We are for equality and spread our love of the geekdom to anyone who will listen. Now its not uncommon to see a football player dress as Superman or a cheerleader dressed as Captain Marvel. We aren't an exclusive club, which is why the lines of division are lifting. Finally we can all enjoy what we enjoy, without fear.


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