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The post-credits scene for Ant-Man was great. I liked it but I wanted to see something more with a character shown briefly in the film (not that cameo). Right now you're heading into spoiler territory and if you haven't seen the movie, I suggest you do not read this article until you've seen it.

For the original post-credits scene that ties into Captain America: Civil War, it shows Steve and Falcon in a room with the Winter Soldier pinned down with something and kneeling by a chair. Falcon asks Steve if Tony should know, and Steve says no. Falcon then says that he knows a guy and the scene ends.

The character in question is Mitchell Carson, who was head of S.H.I.E.L.D. security but was actually part of HYDRA.

This dude...
This dude...

He was last seen in the movie trying to buy Ant-Man and Yellowjacket suits from Darren Cross. After Ant-Man is trapped by Cross, he escapes and defeats HYDRA agents. Carson then escapes with a vial of shrinking serum. So, what's in store now that HYDRA has the formula? Here's what I want. Shall we begin?

'The scene starts out in a dark room, and Carson walks in with a folder labeled "HYDRA Operatives" and drops it on a table. A mysterious figure is shown in the shadows and grabs the folder.

Voice: "Do you have them?"

Carson: "There was a "small" situation that stopped the deal." "I did steal a vial of shrinking formula though."

Voice: "Promising." "But not what was promised."

Carson: (Nervously) "Umm, sir." "Just one more chance, please."

Voice: "Be lucky, Carson." "If Red Skull was still here, he wouldn't be as promising like me."

The figure is revealed to be Baron Zemo. Crossbones walks into the room as Carson leaves.

Crossbones: "Sir, we've got it." "Shall I go get Ward now?"

Baron Zemo: "Yes." "We'll persuade Ward to help us and shall be glad when I tell him what's coming for his friends."

A TV in the background shows live camera footage of Coulson, Skye, Bobbi, Mack, Hunter, and May walking through a hall and breaking down a door.

Baron Zemo: "S.H.I.E.L.D. and Captain America will be no more and HYDRA will rise."

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