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Pacific Rim 2 is coming, guys! We may have to wait until 2017, but the awesome aliens vs robots story will be returning to our screens with even more monsters and weird technology, and new characters to boot. But with Charlie Hunnam likely leaving his role of Raleigh to pursue other projects, just who will be the star of the next film?

Though it might seem like the lead actor's departure will spell trouble for the sequel, director Guillermo Del Toro has revealed that Pacific Rim 2 was never going to focus on Raleigh.

"We are taking the characters into a completely different journey this time because Raleigh for me solved his problem the minute he was able to go full circle and save Mako by sacrificing himself, which is what he couldn't do with his brother. He's not on that journey anymore."

Yet Mako Mori, who many critics agree was the breakout character of Pacific Rim, never really got a resolution to her own story. She finally got to fight the good fight, but in the final battle she had to tap out early. Maybe in the next film she'll be the one to do the saving!

Mako Mori, action hero

She'll mess you up.
She'll mess you up.

In many ways, Mako is the perfect action hero. She's an awesome fighter, she's heroic and dedicated, she's got that stoic demeanour as well as the required tragic backstory. Plus she's Japanese, and it would be so important to have a woman of colour lead a big Hollywood action film. Mako is a badass through and through, though of course she has a heart of gold. Del Toro clearly loves her just as much as we do, and is only too eager to gush...

There's still a lot of her problems to be resolved in Pacific Rim 2, and in many ways her story has just begun. We've got a rookie pilot who's still reeling from the success of her fledgling missions, who has to deal with the death of her mentor and father figure along with being one of the rockstars that saved the world. The first Pacific Rim addressed the issue of media involvement, and it would be nice to see how Mako copes with suddenly being an international hero.

But she hasn't got much time to rest. Del Toro confirmed that the Kaiju threat will again be rearing its ugly head... and this time, they're even bigger and badder! Wouldn't it be fantastic to see Mako go from a rookie to a mentor, training new troops to fight?

More rookies, more problems

Ready to step up and train new troops!
Ready to step up and train new troops!

New characters are the name of the game in Pacific Rim 2. Guillermo Del Toro has already stated his intention to bring in lots of new faces, and how they will tie into his aims.

"I’m hoping to bring the same idea I had in the first movie, that was to make it multicultural and humanistic as much as possible, to make characters from many nationalities or gender, to make them equal in the scope of the adventure, in the day-to-day of the adventure."

Could we see Mako team up with another female hero? For all that Del Toro wanted the first film to be equal and humanistic, there is only one other female character who, awesome as she seemed, had one line and then uh, died. So, Bechdel Test failed unfortunately.

But the future is bright for Pacific Rim 2! It would be great to see Mako work with another woman - a new recruit or maybe a scientist, or even a military character she finds herself at odds with. Or all of the above! The possibilities are endless, and hopefully Del Toro will seize this opportunity.

Until Pacific Rim blasts back onto our screens in 2017, we'll just have to rewatch to enjoy Mako Mori in all her kaiju-kicking glory!


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