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DC vs. Marvel comics, issues #2-3 entitled, Marvel comics vs. DC, was a comic book limited series crossover, published by DC comics also known as Detective Comics and Marvel comics from April to may in 1996. The comic book series was written by Ron Marz and Peter David, with art illustrations from Dan Jurgens and Claudio Castellini.

Two brothers who personified the DC and Marvel universe became aware of the other one's existence, and "challenged" on another to "duels", that involves each of the universe's respected superheroes and the losing universe would cease to exist. The story to the series had an almost "out of universe" component, although there were eleven primary battles, five outcomes were left determined by fan vote.

The six preliminary battles were;

1. Aquaman (DC) vs. Namor (Marvel). Aquaman won the battle, by crushing Namor with a whale.

2. Elektra (Marvel) vs. Catwoman (DC). Elektra won by making Catwoman fall off a building.

3. Flash (DC) vs. Quicksilver (Marvel). Flash won due to his superior speed

4. Robin (DC) vs. Jubilee (Marvel). Robin won by using his cape as a decoy and then tying up Jubilee

5. Silver Surfer (Marvel) vs. Green Lantern (DC). Silver Surfer won when both collided with each other and released a huge explosion which knocked out Green Lantern but Silver Surfer was unfazed

6. Thor (Marvel) vs. Captain Marvel (DC). Thor won when Captain Marvel was force to change back to his alter ego Billy. Billy tried to change back but Thor exerted control over the magic lightning and the resulting blow caused his hammer to fly off and Billy to fall unconscious.

There were also five battle in which the outcomes were determined by the votes of the fans;

1. Superman (DC) vs. Hulk (Marvel). Superman wins in a all out brawl.

2. Spider-Man (Marvel) vs. Superboy (DC). Spider-Man wins by electrocuting Superboy.

3. Batman (DC) vs. Captain America (Marvel). Initially both are evenly matched but then a sudden wave of water (their battlefield is the sewers) knocks them off balance as the both throw their weapons. Batman's batarang strikes Captain's forehead but Captain's shield misses and Batman is declared winner.

4. Wolverine (Marvel) vs. Lobo (DC). Wolverine beats Lobo in a brutal barfight.

5. Storm (Marvel) vs. Wonder Woman (DC). Storm beats Wonder Woman by shocking her constantly.

Each side resulting in three victories in the preliminary battles and five battles were decided by fans votes, which resulted in Marvel coming out ahead with 3 wins and DC's 2. Although the storyline to the series doesn't show a side as being victorious. As part of a last-ditch effort to save their worlds, the Spectre and the Living Tribunal were able to briefly force the "brothers" to resolve the situation by temporarily creating a new universe, called the Amalgam Universe, which is occupied by merged versions of many of the heroes (such as Dark Claw, a merging of the characters Batman and Wolverine).

An Inter-dimensional character named "Access", eventually managed to restore the two separate universes to their normal states with the help of both Batman and Captain America. The presence of the two heroes (essentially serving as the brothers in miniature, each being unique among their peers) forced the brothers to recognize how petty their disagreement truly was.


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