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After witnessing the emotional roller coaster that was Disney/Pixar's Inside Out, I was immediately on the hook for more standout films from the animation powerhouse. No other studio manages to so assuredly make me laugh, cry, and get nostalgic for my childhood with such seamless storytelling, and by the looks of this new trailer, that trend is only continuing.

The Good Dinosaur is the next Pixar movie destined to make us experience all sorts of emotions, and if this little preview is any indication, that will include a lot of goosebumps. Check out the newly dropped trailer below, and prepare to be inspired:

Here's a quick breakdown of the stirring trailer, including some details about the plot and what we know so far.

A single moment can change history

The Good Dinosaur imagines a world where the asteroid that eradicated the dinosaur never hits the planet.

As a result, the dinosaurs never become extinct

And continue living well past the prehistoric periods that gave rise to mammals.

One unassuming dinosaur, Arlo, is just trying to make his way in the world

As shifting adaptations and climates make existence increasingly difficult.

That's when he makes an unlikely friend

In the form of a human child, a completely foreign animal to the Apatosaurus.

As an orphan, Arlo finds a sense of family in the boy

And the human helps the fearful dinosaur confront the harsh and ever-changing landscape.

The boy helps Arlo realize what dinosaurs are truly capable of

And it seems that Arlo is helping the lost boy find his tribe (though that's speculation on my part).

Together, they discover the beauties and mysteries of nature

While discovering the power of kindness along the way.

Some of these shots were featured in the first teaser trailer, but they're just so beautiful and evocative, I had to include them again. To me, this looks like another knockout from Pixar, and I'm anxiously awaiting November 25th when The Good Dinosaur finally hits theaters.


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