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Ok guys for this article i'm going to be talking about why the Dick Grayson is dead theory holds no weight and why he is still alive.

1. It doesn't add up.

This might not be the end
This might not be the end

Let me make this clear, DICK GRAYSON IS NOT DEAD. There is no way Dick is dead because he didn't die before Bruce's parents. You can see in the trailer during the funeral scene that the same grave that has Dick name on their is present during the funeral scene when Bruce's parents are having there funeral held. So either Dick was the same age when Bruce's parents which would make no sense or the grave is a Easter egg or red herring.


If Dick is somehow dead in this timeline then it would be absolute waste on a character that has so much potential. You could potentially throw away a solo Nightwing movie or even exploring the relationship between him and Batman and throwing away the unique interaction between the two. There so much potential with the Nightwing character it would be a damn shame to waste him on making him a dead character when so many fans including myself want him in his own solo flick in the DC Expanded Universe.

3. What would become of Jason Todd

Look guys i think we all know Jason Todd was never a good robin, and kind of a useless character. But when he was resurrected from the grave and ultimately became the character we all know and love now known as The Red Hood what would become of that character if Dick is dead and Jason isn't. Well it simple we would have no Red Hood or a Red Hood movie because Dick is dead . The main reason why Jason becomes the Red Hood is because he can seek vengeance on Batman for letting him die at the hands of the Joker, your now potentially throw away that rich dynamic between Jason and Batman if Dick is the one dead instead of Jason. Jason has so much more to offer dead and coming back as the Red Hood than him as Robin because we all know how annoying he was as Robin.

Now for my final reason, I will now explain where Dick is and why that grave is there.

4. He in Suicide Squad.

Dick Grayson is in Suicide Squad. I think he undercover on a mission trying to investigate the squad and see what there up to. I think the grave that was shown with his name on it was simply a throw off for us to think he dead and is secretly in Suicide Squad. The reason being there is a series called Agent Grayson, were his identity as Nightwing has been exposed to the whole world and still wanting to be a hero he works undercover for Batman and a organization knows as Spyral. So my theory is in the current movie universe DC is going with he is no longer know as Nightwing because his identity has been exposed and in order for him to continue fighting crime he needs to go undercover, explaining why his grave is there to make people believe he is dead and is secretly undercover in Suicide Squad to investigate the team actions and is being by hopefully no other than Batman himself. i hope my theory is true because it would be such a badass way to introduce Dick, even though we wouldn't be getting him Nightwing, him being Agent 37 is still a badass in is own right.

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