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With "Man of Steel" having been released in 2013, "Batman v Superman", "Suicide Squad", and "Wonder Woman" already on the way, it's safe to say DC/Warner Brothers won't be rebooting any time soon, but let's say they decided to scrap everything, even Batman v Superman, this is the cast I would like. I would also like to say that my casting would be closer to the age of the actual comic characters.

Batman/Bruce Wayne: Ian Somerhalder

Ian Somerhalder is mostly known for two roles: Damon on "Vampire Diaries", and Adam on "Smallville". Somerhalder has shown in the last twelve years of acting that he has the darkness, yet charisma to carry a franchise. Ian Somerhalder is currently thirty-six years old, which would Batman my oldest cast character. Ian stands just under Six feet tall, which would make him a decent height to play the Dark Knight. Superhero Bonus: That jawline is perfect for the Bat-cowl, and he has the face of Bruce Wayne.

Superman/Clark Kent: Zane Holtz

Zane Holtz is known for a number of movies, like "Holes", and "The Perks of Being a Wallflower". Holtz has the acting chops that would allow him to go from geek to god easily, as well as the appearance to play a nerd, a farm boy, and Superman. Zane is currently twenty-eight years old, which is a fitting age to play Superman (Superman is typically between 24 and 30 in the comics). Zane also stands at Six feet' One Inch, which makes him a couple inches taller than Batman (As seen in the Comics). Superhero Bonus: Dark Hair, Bright Eyes, and the jawline to look like Superman.

Wonder Woman/ Diana Prince: Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence is known for her roles in "The Hunger Games", and "X-Men" movies. Lawrence has the acting capability to play a strong female hero as she does in "X-Men" and "The Hunger Games", but also has the appearance to be an elegant lady as Diana Prince. Jennifer Lawrence stands at Five foot' Nine Inches, which would make her near the height of Batman, and Shorter than Superman, which is a decent size for an Amazonian. Jennifer is currently twenty-four years old, which is a good age for the comic book Wonder Woman (In many iterations she is Twenty-Three). Superhero Bonus: She has the body type for Wonder Woman, and has the facial structure as well.

Green Lantern/Hal Jordan: Zac Efron

Zac Efron is well known now for his comedy role in "Neighbors". Zac Efron has shown in the past few years, that we can take him serious as an actor, and that he is no longer just a Disney Channel teen-age kid. Unfortunately Efron is slightly shorter than Lawrence, BUT its not by too much, and plus Wonder Woman is an Amazon, right?. In the comics Hal Jordan is a test pilot, Zac Efron is now Twenty-Seven years old, so he's old enough to have a pilot license, and old enough to have been a pilot for a few years. Superhero Bonus: Zac Efron is physically fit to play Lantern, and won't have to do too much prepping to play Hal Jordan.

The Flash/Barry Allen: Dylan O'Brien

I always imagined Barry Allen as the youngest person on the Justice League, due to his humor, and typical average-size superhero. O'Brien is currently Twenty-Three, which isn't far off of Barry Allen's age (Typically around 25). Dylan stands at Five Foot' Eleven Inches, which would put him close to the Six foot height of the Flash. Superhero Bonus: Nearly an unknown, and has the youth to create a fun Flash that adults and kids would watch.

Cyborg/Victor Stone: John Boyega

John Boyega is currently a not-so-well-known actor, but will be after his performance in "Star Wars: The Force Awakens". John Boyega is Twenty-Three years old; Victor Stone is typically seen as being fresh out of high school, or in college, which would make Twenty-Three a strong Age for Cyborg. Superhero Bonus: He is a soon-to-be star, that will strengthen the DC Universe.

Aquaman/Arthur Curry: Scott Eastwood

Scott Eastwood would be a perfect Aquaman. Even though Eastwood is a B or C List actor, this role of Aquaman may bring him up to be nearly an A List actor, turning everyone's attention away from how dorky Aquaman is typically seen. Scott is currently Twenty-Nine years old, and Stands just under Six feet tall. Superhero Bonus: We might get Clint Eastwood to direct a DC movie!

Lex Luthor: Terry Crews

Terry Crews is typically scene in comedic roles, but this would be a chance for him to show his dramatic capabilities I know he has. I always wanted to see Lex portrayed as a physical monster, and I also have wanted to see Lex portrayed as a Black American. Adding diversity makes movies stronger, and I believe Terry Crews would make fans understand that race is not what defines a character (unless they are specifically supposed to be a certain race, like Black Panther being an African King). Terry Crews stands at Six foot' Three inches and weighs Two Hundred and Forty-Five pounds, making Terry the most physical Luthor we have ever seen. Superhero Bonus: We get a Lex that looks like he is the physical beast he is sometimes portrayed as in comics.

Darkseid: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

The Rock would make the perfect Darkseid because, well, he's The Rock. They could do a number of things with The Rock as Darkseid, Motion capture CG, or give him a believable bad-ass costume. The Rock is Six Foot' Five Inches and Two-Hundred and Sixty Pounds, making him the giant we would like to see in Darkseid. Superhero Bonus: It's The Rock.

Do you agree? Disagree? Comment below and let me know your fan casting if DC rebooted. Oh and a little Challenge, Try not to use the actors currently cast as their same character(example: Henry Cavill as Superman you can't use, but if you want you could use Henry Cavill as Batman).


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