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When it comes to unique methods of transport, Batman's suped-up, armored Batmobile has served for generations as the definition of awesome superhero rides. But, in another fandom, with just as recognizable of a logo, the Mystery Machine from Scooby-Doo is just as much of a pop culture staple as the Batmobile itself.

So, what happens in a multiverse-based game where these beloved titles clash and combine with several other nostalgic pop culture staples? Our heroes start looking at each other's rides with a little car envy, of course.

An awesome nod to Batman, Scooby-Doo, and Back to the Future -- which very recently celebrated its 30th anniversary -- this quick promo might lead viewers to think that Batman is unimpressed by the Mystery Machine, until the classic time-traveling DeLorean is revealed, ready to take the Dark Knight and his new munchie-loving companion through time.

But of course, the game doesn't stop there: expect many of your favorite TV, comic, and movie heroes to feature in starring roles throughout the game, with more alliances, mash-ups, and out of this world ideas than you can shake a brick at. Don't shake any of your minifigs, though; you're gonna need them in order to bring them to life on your console and play the game.

LEGO Dimensions hits the shelves on September 27th.

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