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According to variety and a few different sources, Benecio Del Toro is being considered as the villain in the eight Star Wars film. Benicio Del Toro has played villains before and he is a well established actor in Hollywood. He has already won and Oscar and one of his newest more popular role has been playing the Collector in Guardians Of The Galaxy. He seems like a very good choice to be the villain, he is very dark and brooding which is maybe what Star Wars VIII needs. Apparently the other actor considered for the role is Joaquin Phoenix which means that they are looking for a actor that is a little bit older then Star Wars episode 7's villain who is supposedly played by Adam Driver. It is not sure if he will play some kind of Sith or some other type of villain and at this point we do not know a lot about Star Wars Episode VIII except that it is directed and written by the director of Looper, Ryan Johnson and the only conformed cast member is Oscar Isaac. It will be cool to see Benicio Del Toro be in space because we did not get much of him in Guardians Of The Galaxy and the mid credits scene of Thor The Dark World. This is only rumours, Benicio Del Toro might not be in the eight Star Wars film at all so do not be upset if he does not end up in the role. May the force be with you.

-Moses Ochs


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