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It's a cold day in Gotham when the villains (or vigilantes who aren't Batman) win, and if the view counts on the latest trailers for WB's DCU lineup have anything to say about it, Metropolis might freeze over as well. In the face of a strange, somewhat passive-aggressive press release and post-SDCC drama, it seems as though delivering trailers and garnering interest is -- so, so strangely -- effective when it comes to building hype for films.

The release of initial trailers for both Suicide Squad and [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) told fans two stories in one universe -- but the response to each trailer has also served to successfully communicate exactly what kind of comic book movies fans want to see.

Views at the time of this writing
Views at the time of this writing

While Batman V. Superman has seen a whopping 35 million views at this time, it seems as though fans love the Suicide Squad just a bit more - roughly 1.5 million views more, to be specific.

View count at the time of this writing.
View count at the time of this writing.

The question then turns to you, dear superfan. Whether one movie does better than another by a few million isn't that big of a deal, but your excitement is what matters when it comes to beefing up the marketing and the story. Cast your vote now:


Which trailer do you prefer?


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