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Alexa Bouhelier Ruelle

As you may have guessed by now, I intend to become a film critic. Cinema is my passion, I grew up with movies, they've mostly shaped who I am as a person and will continu to for a very long time. So be prepared for a lot of Movie Reviews over here - not only. Before getting started in the heart of the matter, getting too philosophical and boring you to death - which is obviously not my intention at all - I'd like to highlight that in this digital age where we grow up, our generation has to take the opportunity it has been given to share our passion, what we really love with as many people as we possibly can.

Now what I really wanted to tell you is that Cinema is all about PERCEPTION. To me it's very important for you to be aware that all views expressed in those posts are mine. Pointing that out seems interesting to me as it may engaged other point of views and sparkle new ideas and conversations. In fact, people tend to think more and more that if the majority of reviews on a specific film are bad: they won't go to the movie and watch it. WRONG. You may love this movie - or you may hate it as well! Even if many of the cinema industry products well deserve all the praise they have received. But the important thing is that it may talk to you in ways you never imagined a film could ever have, your experience of a movie is a 100% personal and no one (other than yourself) can ever understand this. This might sound paradoxical but I very rarely read reviews as when I do, I feel a certain sense of "incompleteness" or irrelevance; because it's not the critics only, who go into the movies: it's the audience.

I'll go further in depth on that topic in some other post dedicated entirely to Film Criticism.



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