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It has been known for some time now that Jason Momoa will portray Aquaman in future DC films. Aquaman was once one of the coolest characters in comics, but lately he has been made a mockery of in the media. People joke about his "useless" powers and how he is really no help to the Justice League. Jason Momoa's casting shows that DC is trying to change that image and make Aquaman a true badass again. Momoa was outstanding in Game of Thrones as Khal Drogo, the king of the barbaric tribe of Dothraki and Khaleesi's first husband. I believe Jason's casting can really reinvent the character and make Aquaman great and here is why!

1. He has a huge physical presence

Jason Momoa's presence on-screen is one that is very rare to find. He is the true definition of a beast! He looks like he could get angry and snap your neck at any given time. In Game of Thrones, as part of the barbaric tribe of Dothraki, His character Khal Drogo was the most feared warrior around and was definitely the scariest! Momoa can now bring that presence over to the big screen as Aquaman. I know I wouldn't want this guy swimming towards me!

2. This Aquaman will be darker...and it will work!

The new DCCU is looking to be a very dark and gritty one. This tone was set by what we have seen from [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) and Suicide Squad, and Momoa's Aquaman could fit right into that setting. Momoa's appearance is perfect for what DC is trying to do with their universe. Golden age Aquaman would just not work in today's movies, Momoa's dark, long haired warrior type look should. It definitely is shying away from traditional Aquaman, but it seems necessary to adapt to the new DCCU.

3. He'll be an Aquaman you will fear

This is not going to be your dad's Aquaman. Jason Momoa's Aquaman is going to be a savage and his powers will be awesome. Best believe that DC is going to try and make Aquaman a fan favorite due to the hate he has gotten in the more recent years. Expect his powers to be godlike and a definite force to be reckoned with. This all goes along with Jason Momoa's already established on-screen presence and how he is just an overall tough ass dude. Expect DC to pull out all the stops and give fans the Aquaman we have always wanted!

3. Jason Momoa will do it and do it well

I'm positive that Jason Momoa will excel in the role of Aquaman. His on-screen presence alone makes him a shoe-in for a superhero film, and casting him for the reinvention of Aquaman, I believe, was an inspired decision. We may not see Momoa in the classic orange and green suit, but he will be the definitive Aquaman that will leave fans only wanting more. From what I've seen so far, Aquaman may just be the "Moon of my life."

Do you think Jason Momoa will be a good Aquaman? Let me know down below in the poll and comments!


Will Jason Momoa be a good Aquaman?


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