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If there's anything that Stephen Amell represents in my heart, it's the perfect example of a celebrity connecting to their fans. Between Star Wars/ Arrow Photoshop edits, hanging out with sick fans in the hospital, personal greetings to Arrow-loving families and the hours that either he or a very dedicated social media manager spends online talking to fans, Amell has proven himself to be a gigantic fan of his own fans.

With that in mind, it almost comes as no surprise that Amell has been letting fans in on the production of Arrow's fourth season. Sharing photos and on-set memories has become a major pastime for the show's star, and his support for the fandom (along with the various romantic pairings that they fancy) has been endless. This kind of passion was on proud display Monday morning, when Amell posted the following photo to his social channels:

One of the show's most beloved on-again, off-again ships (short for "relationships," of course) is known as Olicity. For the uninitiated, that's Oliver Queen (Arrow himself) and the tech-savvy genius Felicity Smoak, who serves as the brains behind the Arrow's various missions.

The photo shows the pairing in front of a beautiful backdrop, but also seems to be a prop for the background of a scene. Just how far is the time jump between Seasons 3 and 4? Will we get to see the Olicity road trip we've always dreamed of? Time will tell - 'til then, we'll be obsessively following Amell's social channels for more updates.


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