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They say that "It's not the size of the dog in the fight. It's the size of the fight in the dog." I guess the same could be said for men, except with "acting ability" replacing fight.

Here we compare 10 of Hollywood's shortest stars (little people excluded, mostly because we already know most of them) with 10 of Hollywood's most lumbering lumbering to see whether height really does matter in this appearance obsessed industry. Spoilers: It doesn't.

10 of Hollywood's Shortest Stars

1. Michael J. Fox (5'4")

Marty McFly himself has been shot from angles that may have kept you from realizing how much of a low center of gravity he has throughout his career.

2. Ken Jeong (5'5")

One of the most ridiculous actors in Hollywood, Ken Jeong has used his size to his advantage, with physical comedy as one of his main specialties.

3. Daniel Radcliffe (5'5")

Harry Potter is one of the best wizards in the entire history of Hogwarts, but it wasn't because of his height. He's only 5'5" but he's managed to make it into the hearts of men and women across the globe.

4. Tom Cruise (5'7"?)

[Credit: Paramount Pictures]
[Credit: Paramount Pictures]

Tom Cruise may be listed at 5'7", but I'm not sure I believe it. From word around town, I've heard closer to 5'5" but yeah... he's an action star regardless. And he's devilishly handsome. Tom wins.

5. Johnny Galecki (5'5")

[Credit: CBS}
[Credit: CBS}

The Big Bang Theory star is not a big man, but he has a lot of money so who cares?

6. Elijah Wood (5'6")

This shouldn't really be very surprising. I mean he was cast to play a hobbit. How tall could he have possibly been?

7. Aziz Ansari (5'6")

Aziz Ansari is one of the funniest stand up comedians of the modern era, but he's only 5'6". So what? He's hysterical and breaking down barriers. Keep on keepin' on, Aziz!

8. Josh Hutcherson (5'7")

This is another one I'm not sure if I believe. He's listed at 5'7", which isn't all that short. But standing next to Jennifer Lawrence and/or Liam Hemsworth (his The Hunger Games co-stars) he looks tiny!

9. Jonah Hill (5'7")

At 5'7", Jonah Hill actually isn't that short. I just, for some reason, never realized he was short. This one kind of surprised me, to be honest.

10. Martin Freeman (5'6")

[Credit: New Line Cinema]
[Credit: New Line Cinema]

Yet another hobbit on our list, this Lord of the Rings actor is the same size as Elijah Wood, which makes sense.

Now, on to the tall boys!

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10 of Hollywood's Tallest Stars

1. Tim Robbins (6'5")

Firstly, let me just acknowledge that this picture's resolution isn't great. I just had to include it, because it's unbelievable. Robbins' current show, The Brink is currently one of my favorite summer shows, too.

2. Tyler Perry (6'5")

I wouldn't mind having Tyler Perry on my celebrity basketball or volleyball team.

3. Jeff Goldblum (6'4")

The man, the myth, Jeff Goldblum, is actually tall as hell. You may not have noticed. I know I didn't. I figured he was a relatively tall dude, but 6'4"? Wow.

4. David Hasselhoff (6'5")

[Credit: NBC]
[Credit: NBC]

Don't hassel the hoff. He's 6'5" and can destroy you. Probably.

5. Vince Vaughn (6'5")

Vince Vaughn is another physically imposing actor who has remained on the A-List for quite some time now.

6. Jason Segel (6'4")

Jason Segel went to my high school. He was on the basketball team. Yes, he is tall. I can verify that.

7. Steven Seagal (6'4")

There's nothing I could say about Steven Seagal that would live up to this amazing photo of him so I'll refrain from commenting. But yeah, he's tall, as you can see.

8. Conan O'Brien (6'4")

This one didn't shock me. I could always tell that Conan was massive by his awesome physical style of humor.

9. Brad Garrett (6'8")

I knew he was tall, but 6'8" is pretty next-level. That's like NBA power forward size right there... look at him dwarfing these ladies!

10. Christopher Lee (6'5")

Another Lord of the Rings actor, the late Christopher Lee was considerably taller than the two hobbits mentioned above.

I didn't include Shaq on this list, sadly, but what I will do as a consolation is include the trailer to the 7 footer's hit film, Kazaam. You can thank me later.

Which actor's heigh surprised you the most?


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