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One question that has been on everybody's mind since DC/Warner Brothers announced "Suicide Squad" is who will be the EVIL villain that the bad-guy team Suicide Squad (or Task Force X) will be going after? I first would like to point out two main ones people have been speculating are the villains, and then (who I believe to be) the real villain.

1. Deathstroke

Since the announcement of Suicide Squad people have been curious as to if Deathstroke will be in the movie, and I hate to say it, but I believe the answer is no, at least, sort of no. Deathstroke won't be in Suicide Squad and definitely will NOT be the main villain, due solely to the fact that I think Warner Brothers/Dc wants to gradually build him up to be the Villain of a Batman stand alone movie, or be part of the Suicide Squad sequel (if it happens). Now, all that being said, I do think that we will see Slade Wilson (aka. Deathstroke), just not as Deathstroke, he may be one of Amanda Waller's workers or recruiters (I think we will see a Character development of him), but will not play a major role.

2. The Joker

Ever since people heard that the Joker will be in Suicide Squad, they have been speculating that he will be the Villain to the Suicide Squad, and they have every right to be speculating, due to the fact that the Joker is not typically seen in the Suicide Squad. If the trailer has shown anything it is that the Joker, while more of a lone-wolf with the exception of Harley Quinn, will at least be on the side of the Suicide Squad. "Why is he on the side of the Suicide Squad?" because you see Joker in the trailer turning Harlene Quinzel into Harley Quinn with shock therapy, and I believe that will make Harley be in a sick twisted Joker fetish, and therefore not want to hurt him.

3. The Real Villain

In the Suicide Squad trailer, you here someone mention that "Since the arrival of Superman these people have come out of the shadows (Paraphrase)." It seems in Suicide Squad, Superman will still be seen as a threat. Now if Superman is a threat to the world, and his only two weaknesses are Kryptonite and Magic, and we already have Kryptonite (As seen in the Batman v Superman trailer), then Magic is the only other weakness we have left. Who has magic on the Suicide Squad? Nobody yet. Amanda Waller and the Suicide Squad will be going after the only one in the trailer not seen with the team, the Enchantress, and that will be their villain. The Suicide Squad will be trying to stop the chaos that the Enchantress is causing on the world, leading the team to eventually capture her so that Amanda Waller can train her to become a threat for Superman in later films.

What do you think?

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters March 25, 2016; Suicide Squad hits Theaters August 5, 2016.


Who do you think the villain is in the Suicide Squad?


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