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These days, it seems Hollywood's horror film industry seems to be running out of ideas, and independent movies are making huge advances in this field. That's good news for all horror genre lovers out there; and being a classic author and considered by a lot of people as the "Father of Horror" H.P. Lovecraft has numerous short stories and tales that could easily make it to the big screen.

For our pleasure, and apart from all the adaptations that currently exist, here are 3 stories that would be great ideas for today's horror film industry.

1. The Case of Charles Dexter Ward.

Dexter and Joseph Curwen's portrait.
Dexter and Joseph Curwen's portrait.

Why this works?

In the last years we have been watching horror movies with high expectations crumble down due to poor scripting, bad quality effects and continuity holes, but we are still willing to go to he movie theater and sit there for 1 and a half hours or more only to leave completely dissappointed.

The Case of Charles Dexter Ward has a complex and detailed plot, about a young man who gets lost in his own diggings from the past, when he learns about his ancestor Joseph Curwen, an aristocratic and occultism-obsessed gentleman.

A movie about this would have a bit of everything:

  • A strong determined detective (who is also a doctor)
  • Paranormal phenomena and witchcraft
  • The main character is locked in a mental asylum (everybody loves mental asylum movies)
  • Ambiguous ending (since there are certain unresolved details that could lead to speculation without being total plot holes)

2. Azathoth

Azathoth "The first engine of chaos"
Azathoth "The first engine of chaos"

Why this works:

This short story follows the life of a man, living in a dull and boring city, in a time when wonder and color have been forgotten by mankind.
In a way, a depiction of the future, caused by major cities and pollution, until it gets an interesting twist.

The man, whose name is never known, starts to have visions of incredible nature, until his delusions start to resemble become real.
If there's something we love about a horror movie it's the mind-bending; we love watching weird scenes where we ask ourselves "What in god's name is this?"

And this story has that "at the edge of the seat" feeling we much want in a horror film.

3. The Crawiling Chaos

Nyarlathotep "The Crawling Chaos"
Nyarlathotep "The Crawling Chaos"

Why this works:

Pretty much like Azathoth, The Crawiling Chaos tells a story filled with hallucinating landscapes and colors: it is the tale of a man, victim of a plague who consumed opium by a doctor's prescritption.

What makes this interesting, you may ask?

In the time the story is told, people were afraid of consuming opium, due to its hallucinogen properties, and some people ended completely crazy after feeling its effects, our protagonist sets out to an introspective journey under the effects of the drug, finding himself in incredible places and situations, barely resisting the madness within. All of this mixed in the reader's mind with a variety of colors, textures, lights and sound that would make the guys from Skywalker Sound look like amateurs.

In the hope that we could soon get any of these great horror-fantasy stories translated into film, we will pray for Cthulhu's awakening and with him bring upon doom in the form of great horror movies.

Meanwhile, don't forget to tell us...


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